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E10 petrol on crossflow?


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Morning all.  I have a 1.6 crossflow engine installed in a boat.   I have no idea if it was ever converted to run on unleaded so I always add some lead replacement when filling up.

The new E10 petrol is now being rolled out and the research I've done so far shows that it can knacker rubber seals in older vehicles, especially if left for long periods.  

Does anyone know if crossflows can run on E10?

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You are correct, E10 could be problematic for classic engines as it can over time damage plastics, rubbers and other components due to the bioethanol's corrosive properties. especially if laid up for long periods of time.

Panic not, a lot of us running crossflow's have either been using normal unleaded (E5 which is being changed to E10) or super unleaded, super unleaded is going to remain E5, costs a tad more than the old normal unleaded but not bundles, so as long as you run super unleaded I think you will be OK if you also continue to use the lead replacement supplement.

If you were stuck and had to chuck in a bit of E10 it will still run, might pink a bit or run a bit rough at start up, but flush it through with some super and you should be fine.

Not sure if your crossflow has been modified to run as a marine engine or not, there was a post on here a while back, but someone a bit more 'techy' may be able to assist


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Ethanol is corrosive to all non ferrous metals and rubber based parts, hydroscopic so sucks moisture in like a sponge so double crap in a boat enviroment, the xflow will run on it no problem but it will slowly eat away at fuel system, most super unleaded fuels except Shell Vpower are ethanol free but higher octane so you may have to alter ignition timing slightly?, but still use lead additive, the ethanol free super unleaded fuels are still labeld E5 by law as they may have trace elements of ethanol from cross contamination from delivery tankers. if yr engine dont like higher octane petrol use a ethanol killer addative with std fuel, I use Motorex ethanol booster in all my classics even the mower and in a few yrs not had any problems,  even Toolstation sell an ethanol addative now


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