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Ford type E gearbox, RS2000, Cortina, Capri, Sierra...


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Ford type E box 4sp,  set up and ready to go with a Pinto bell housing & a gearstick, no knob though ! 

Ford Type E 4 speed gearbox as fitted to the Escort RS2000, Cortina 2.0 Capri 2.0 Sierra 2.0. This is a rare gearbox as it was fitted to the Sierra in it's first year before they used the 5 speed type 9. Because of this it has the type 9 3 bolt fixing for the gear lever which is far better than the old screw in type that often get cross threaded. It also has the latter 3rd/4th gear hub and the bronze selector forks similar to the type 9, yet it has exactly the same ratios as the standard RS2000 or 2 litre Cortina etc. and will fit in the same mounting as any other Type E gearbox..£450ono

Quaife would refurb these and rebrand them their Rocket box.

I believe these are the standard ratios :  1st 3.65, 2nd 1.97, 3rd 1.37, 4th 1:1.

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