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Repairer or Restorer required for my Mk1 Escort 1972 Estate.

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Hi, I have a 1972 Mk1 Escort estate that has been stood in a garage for over 20 years. Interior is really good apart from tatty carpet. Engine runs but problem engaging gear (I think the clutch is stuck). needs some welding underneath, may want inner sills (Not bad at all)floors and pillars all good. Rear arch repair panels need welding and smoothing in (I have these) and repair to front wings by lights, painting original same colour Cherry Red looks more burgandy, then MOT (I know its tax exempt but worth doing). I want to keep it as original as possible. Its not worth a massive amount of money as its only a 1.3L Estate but its 1 previous owner so don't want to spend more than its worth. I may upgrade the wheels (would source and sort myself) but otherwise leave as is.I also have all the brake parts, discs, drums and pads etc ready to replace. Im looking for a local (Hopefully West Midlands or Warwickshire based repairer/restorer) to come over to have a look and give me an idea of a cost to carry this out. The car is currently parked in a residential dry garage in Meriden near Coventry CV7 7NJ. I can attend most weekdays to meet up. Thanks in advance. I would love to get it back on the road and motoring around. Harvey.

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