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Rear spoiler mk2 scort

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Brenda has been ill for the last six weeks. Been off her food  and following through.  To cheer her up and to celebrate her 44th birthday I thought a present was in order. Somehow and I don't remember when it was ordered ,but a new boot with intergal spoiler arrived and was duly fitted.

Later on,Brenda was upset that I stroked a small dog and she ate her new starter motor. Cone on or cone off,guess I won't be going to brynwawr car show on Sunday.




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2 hours ago, Brenda1978 said:

It's all about downforce and rear end grip. Particularly if you are using remould tyre's 

If it's rear end grip you are after, there is this secret tuning trick which is also cheap and works at all speeds. Put this in the boot ...



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