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gearbox headache

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So, been quite some time since i last posted anything (I'm just a bit too analog). However, I find myself in a bit of a pickle and wondered if anyone can help. I've recently undertaken sticking a 5-speed type 9 box into my Mk3 Tina. However the gearbox crossmember I thought I had for this isn't right (I now believe it's a Sierra one).

As far as I can see, I think I need the crossmember for a Mk3 auto box. Anyone know if this is correct? And where can I find one, or something else if that works? Cheers.

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A lot of people bolt the crossmember through the floor, that works ok, if you make up and fit strengthening plates to the floor area where you bolt it though.

I made plates up from the top, with weld in captive bolts, and plates on the underside.

This was on a MK2 Escort, but the idea is the same. I think my crossmember is a Sierra one.

Check out my Johnnys Escort sport build , its on there.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I had heard of this route, but did want to avoid stripping the interior out if I can. Couldn't find the Escort build, but will keep looking.

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