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Problem Listing Parts For Sale

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Hi all, bit of help needed if you can please.

Is there such thing as a guide anywhere showing instructions on how to post an add for parts for sale ?

Being slightly technically challenged I think I must be missing something...

Much appreciated 

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Click on one of the categories for example PARTS FOR SALE.


Then on the right you will see a "Start new topic" button. Click on that and you can start a new post/add to sell your parts. Always add a (asking) price and if possible some photos of the parts. Drag photo to the new listing or click on the underlined "choose file" option.

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Many thanks but still having problems, I can see the create icon and start new topic when I click it but a lot of the topics seem to be 'greyed' out preventing me from selecting them, almost as if I only have access to certain categories I can start topics in.

I'm confused

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1 hour ago, Miniliteman said:

So am I ...

When you click on Start New Topic you should see something like this: then you can type something in the Title (header) and in the description field.



I got the same too. Do you not see the Start New Topic button @Jangalicka?

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Yes I can see start new topic button, but surelyyou have to select the forum you want your topic to be posted ?

It will not allow me to select the parts for sale forum.

Still confused 

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It's because you have under 10 posts on the forum. There's a minimum post count to use that forum to stop new joiners adding things to the classifieds as their first post. For two reasons

1. To combat scammers

2. To reduce instances of people making that one post and then never coming back to check for responses.

Post no 11 from you should work in there

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