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  1. It was a good day thanks for the reply
  2. I'm planning on goin central performance show this Sunday at Santa pod does anyone no the price for a adult ticket. An is old Skool ford having a stand
  3. I've finally decide that I'm goin to stick a set of bike carbs on the escort but I don't know what the best option is for fueling them. Is a bike fuel pump better or is it better to run a facet silver top with a pressure regulator any help would be appreciated an if anyone is running bike carbs on a crossflow what set up have you got many thanks brad
  4. Ino the fez ain't classed as a true classic yet but it's getting there lol it's goin hav a zetec transplant soon. Here's a couple of photos I've took today.
  5. Always good to see a pass lol
  6. The escort went for its MOT today an passed no advises! Good girl
  7. me an a couple of mates are camping down vw action for the weekend does anyone one know if there will be many fords there for the last round of the osfdc to make the weekend even better
  8. am coming down from stoke wa eva the price
  9. hopefully al be tagging along next year to!!!
  10. http://youtu.be/tHMi_y9sVkY mk1 fez vs mk1 escort http://youtu.be/-GM6glIfyU8 mk2 escort vs mk3 capri http://youtu.be/c95IlcUrnv4 hpe powered mk2 capri vs rs turbo http://youtu.be/OA51FmdmxCI orange 100e http://youtu.be/uO2nEl2sgFY red mk1 escort burnout then vs a saphire cosworth http://youtu.be/_mPYlGKDR7k blue mk1 fez vs focus rs http://youtu.be/pKoq-1E_X3g Yellow x-pack mk2 escort vs mk4 fez http://youtu.be/aTgMf4KRnKw mk1 cortina vs beetle http://youtu.be/jJpNn1l7NmU chris todds mk1 vs anglia estate http://youtu.be/bhaIAARNUTU red mk2 fez vs rs turbo http://youtu.be/1vLtRUNMqAE V8 mk3 capri vs mk2 capri http://youtu.be/azpeYKRBfNc team ashton 105e vs rs turbo http://youtu.be/BYTGrWZeRng zetec beige mk1 fez vs focus rs http://youtu.be/1JmQUfKOhm8 team ashton mk1 escort vs blue mk2 escort http://youtu.be/1JmQUfKOhm8 gray mk3 capri vs blue mk1 mex? http://youtu.be/xtzMSJi_GqI orange 100e vs focus rs http://youtu.be/ZU1BqDHR53Y blue mk1 fez vs mk5 escort http://youtu.be/s03oMbHmOsM yellow x-pack mk2 escort vs focus rs http://youtu.be/Mu059AlrKEk anglia estate http://youtu.be/43lD399L-0w beige mk1 fez vs red mk2 fez http://youtu.be/9vea9xG4ui0 black mk1 fez vs focus rs http://youtu.be/mpDjSO6g2Yg red mk1 vs blue mk2 escorts http://youtu.be/N2P9BiOZNy4 blue mk1 mex? vs mk5 escort http://youtu.be/Cox9e_YUNuw bike engined mk2 fez vs rs turbo http://youtu.be/xtfiLr7696k 100e vs saph cossie http://youtu.be/FNrp7IZHf4s yellow x pack mk2 vs st170 focus http://youtu.be/SM7DBubIFv0 light blue mk2 escort vs rs turbo http://youtu.be/Unb0swzGXZo mk2 escort 1600 ghia vs focus st http://youtu.be/9GlImszLcq0 the golden 105e vs focus rs http://youtu.be/wWyZ7cob8_w red and black mk2s on the strip http://youtu.be/iP41gQwzk5I blue mk2 escort vs focus rs http://youtu.be/naGdY3zzrQE red mk1 escort vs focus rs http://youtu.be/8xAB7ZTO1c8 bike engined mk2 fez vs mk5 escort http://youtu.be/tlk0MSnQdWQ white mk2 escort vs orange 100e http://youtu.be/1cICmUCsSNY team ashton blue anglia vs rs turbo http://youtu.be/9-tKWD5--cg ashtons mk1 burnout http://youtu.be/LtEXuli9K8E kevs mega mk1 burnout http://youtu.be/J25SBJV54zw blue 105e http://youtu.be/gYYQddI4VcM golden 105e vs new focus st http://youtu.be/Z_7p_96U6lY gray mk1 escort vs mk3 combie http://youtu.be/9lSBbeJjx1A silver hpe powered mk2 escort vs focus rs http://youtu.be/cF80U0EM5MM v8 capri http://youtu.be/Zf5AWqcMtc0 cossie mk1 beats corvette http://youtu.be/-kNijuuzlWo 105e estate vs focus rs http://youtu.be/FLBkbAxNOPE red mk1 escort vs orange 100e
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