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  2. Detailed in this page Project Van
  3. Yep, and mine was painted in the same pearlescent paint as the stripes so even more of a pain to replace 🤬
  4. I’ve got one similar which I made same fixing
  5. To fit the centre mount you’d have to fit the anti dive kit. You could upgrade the bumper bar mounts and fit eye to those. That’s all I did to the Anglia, but don’t have the bumpers to cover them up. It’s a necessity for track days.
  6. Some nice new shinny bits turned up today. goodies just need to build um up now . weekend work i think
  7. Nice curves except the axis are all to Gerbil ! Torque AND HP are both vertical and RPM is horizontal - what are you - a child? LOL!
  8. I know that applies to Automatics so have to be towed with un-powered wheels on the ground but I can see how an LSD could get a bit warm possibly? Fabulous - if your car has a centre ARB bracket which most don't!
  9. Omg, that's the packets I used to get sent to the local newsagents by my grandad when I was about 7, stI'll he did let me get sweets with the change, oh those curly wurlys tasted so sweet lol
  10. I do that to ,as a nice replacement costs £100 +
  11. Might be a load of old tosh, and I dont have a LSD but I think someone told me once to be careful towing the car on it back wheels if I ever get an LSD fitted. Not sure if there is any truth in that or a load on ####
  12. Incorporated into the centre anti roll bar bracket and has a screw in towing eye.
  13. lol i had one of the first etch a sketches in the late 60s , didnt know they still made them , very cool
  14. They should! They have a duty of care not to damage a vehicle and will have been 'schooled' where to attach winch cables if being recovered or correct use of a dolly. As most modern cars have a point back and front for a towing eye to be fitted / or integral, the AA / RAC etc generally use a pole between vehicle if towing - obviously not an option on an old Ford. If you want to fit one though look to Motorsport cars as its generally a requirement to have an easily accessible eye robustly fitted back and front!
  15. Well I have had the drivers seat rebuilt in the Focus and its barely makes any difference. Spent 350 quid to get it done and have the leather cleaned and conditioned and it looks the same with the stains still there and feels just as hard. Something has to be a miss with both front seats as they simply are too firm. The back seat however is soft and comfortable. So something is amiss? Any suggestions? I don't mind driving the car as it drives reasonably well but i just hate sitting in it!
  16. This is what I have in mine and they delivery to Scotland. https://www.tayna.co.uk/car-batteries/numax/097/
  17. Ahhhh yes well the blue oval bag always does add a few quid!
  18. I’m thinking of being recovered, not actually being towed on the road would the AA for instance have the ability to do what you originally said?
  19. Call it paranoia, but when I'm parked up at a meet or show I take off my non locking petrol cap and replace it with a normal metal locking one, just to avoid such sticky fingers nicking it!
  20. Somebody stole the wiper blade wind deflector off my RS at a show years ago. I remember being mightily hacked off at the time as they were a desirable expensive item even then
  21. As I've never needed a tow in an Escort I can't offer advice but if I did, I think i'd insist on a Y or V shaped tow rope with the legs around the x-member ends of the TCA's to ensure an equal pull across the axle. But for total safety I guess a Dolly would be best especially for any distance! And actually, for an RS2000 with its plastic front and included bib spoiler, I don't think a rope would do the job without some damage!
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