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  1. Omg, that's the packets I used to get sent to the local newsagents by my grandad when I was about 7, stI'll he did let me get sweets with the change, oh those curly wurlys tasted so sweet lol
  2. Would love too, alas my funds are saving for my forever home overseas. Hey ho, we all have to grow up eventually lol
  3. Yeah its been on and off a couple of times, a guy had it and it's now at a dealers........and it is looking good, always did.
  4. Back in the day I sold my LHD rs2000 mk2 in 1984 and bought the first xr3i on our camp in Germany. £4400 duty free, oh happy days in BAOR LOL!
  5. Got to love the smell of castrol R(40).........takes me back to my youth and the two stroke motorbikes!
  6. Wish I was there, will take me back to my youth with my mk1 1500 gt Tina on the esplanade!
  7. Oh go on then Coli will dig deep and give you £50 for Tina. ..............good luck, you will miss her
  8. Google the above upcoming auction: mk1 twin cam escort, mk1 rs1600?, mk2 RS2000, mk1 3000e capri, mk3 30s capri......plus lots more, and I would take the expected prices with a pinch of salt! It was like car porn LOL
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