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  1. Well in this hot weather, you really can't beat a nice cold W**k on the beach. I sh*t you not!
  2. Anybody in the Westcountry fancy a late season event on September 11th as a fund raiser for young Jack Middleton? See his story attached. https://gofund.me/16485a9f
  3. I can tell you now that Ford aren't going to be interested (or even able to) in selling you a Webasto roof for a mk2 Capri
  4. Try dropping these guys an email James. If they have one I'll pick it up and post it out to you https://www.tcbparts.co.uk/
  5. Welcome to the site How are you going to fix the missing sun roof issue?
  6. Welcome to Old Skool Ford. Nice collection 😎
  7. Ceramic coating for me. Had it done on both the RS and the van. Made a difference on the van in particular. Only worth doing on a new manifold though Don't like wrap, retains moisture and rots out the manifold.
  8. That didn't age well did it?
  9. It was a great (hot!) weekend @Mexican Gerbil thanks for organising once again
  10. Mustang this is Ghostrider requesting a flyby!
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