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  1. Stick with the T9, the ratios for 1st to 4th are the same as the Type E anyway
  2. Always divide by 2 and then move the decimal point 1 place left as an additional precaution
  3. Someone did bless us when you gave us those songs. Do the angels have guitars? 😢
  4. He does, he runs his own Stolen Old Skool Ford page
  5. Wash engine down with degreaser, fix the other things and then take it for another MOT?
  6. It was an 1969 H plate and I don't think so re genuine Twin Cam If it were a twin cam it would have had oblong lights rather than round (I think the change was 1970?) though these could have been changed.....but if you look at page of his build thread from 2005 / 2006 page four shows red paint on the floor. All twin cams over here were white
  7. I got caught using the dishwasher to wash engine parts. Topical one for you @Rally Pack 2000
  8. How much money is that sat there at today's prices?
  9. Remember years ago all the piss taking @Twinkle got for a car he bought that had neons underneath it? 😆
  10. Vista


    When they are behaving themselves they are! Give it to me big boy!! Two lads off to the vets ASAP I think! VID-20220112-WA0000.mp4
  11. I do lose my rag. Access roaded completely blocked the other day, it left me blocking the roundabout and the main road to North Cornwall. Me? Out the car gesticulating wildly, ranting, swearing and generally raging
  12. No, not adopted. It's a private right of way over land the developers have bought. Concerns were raised by us and our 5 neighbours at the planning stage, all completely ignored by the planning dept. Big fat brown envelope changed hands maybe?
  13. Kind of agree with Katana, why bother removing the axle brace? Got my own problems with use of mine at the moment too. A housing developer dug up the access road to our house and are starting to build a new estate.....the road they've put in for us runs through the middle of their construction site and is perpetually thick with mud. Not been able to get my motorbike or any of my old cars out since September and this could go on a long time
  14. Welcome to OSF. Afraid I don't know of any classic car restorers in your area, someone will though. Post up some pictures of the car. You may be surprised at what it could be worth as values have gone crazy in the last 5 - 10 years
  15. Vista


    Lol, I have 3 guinea pigs and two ragdoll cats. The no pets thing died a death soon after the kids arrived.
  16. 🤔 So that's what they are called these days? Labelling used to be much more simple!!!
  17. 29 today @Mk2Jo? 🥳
  18. What an idiot, imagine trying twice!
  19. A lot of them have moved on now, hence we are looking at updating it.
  20. I use both android mobile and PC. The banner is always static on the phone but scrolls on the PC
  21. Nothing. Just need to find 60 degree taper nuts with a 7/16 UNF thread
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