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  1. Thanks for the photo comparison, that's awesome. I know they existed as years ago when I got my raised first gear set from BGH Geartech they mentioned the two types and they know their stuff. Burtons list one size synchros for all but there are definitely two sizes by that photo! Lovely Casting! So the small shaft type Es are definitely Sierra ones then? That would explain why I have never seen one as Sierras were never sold here! Im still curious why Ford made them though, I would have thought it costs more money having two in production over one. It was one of the reasons Ford Australia never bothered with any other gearbox for their Mk2s. They put Type Es in everything, 1300's to 2000's and created their own extension housing so they all used the same floor-pan and consoles. I remember when one of our gearbox's were ruined in our 2lt cars we would go to wreckers and get replacements out of 1300s with the idea they were less thrashed LOL Not to hi-jack this thread but has anyone tried the Quaife steel synchros over the brass ones in their Type E? Worth the expense do you think?
  2. Im with Col on this one. While there are some Type Es that have a different size main shaft they seem to be rarer with most being large and not RS specific. (I have never been able to find out what the small shaft Type Es were ever fitted too? 1.6 Sierras? I've never seen one ever as our Cortina/Escorts had the same type I have only ever heard tell of these smaller shaft Type Es from European sources not even a comparison photo) Most Pinto engined Cortinas, Capris Mexicos and RS2000 both Mk1 and 2 shared the same Type E gearbox. The strengthened RS box claim is a myth that's morphed from the Rocket Box which is the competition set based on the Type E. Adding a unique alloy bell housing just further gave the impression they were somehow different. The Standard Type E gearboxes are interchangeable. Yes this point is important to mention with this thread because the Type E used in European RS2000s and Mexicos use the standard Cortina Extension housings the hole position of a Standard RS is further back to regular Escorts and as to why they have different centre consoles. On an RS the position should already match a Type 9. I dare say your tunnel replacement is standard Mk2 escort rather than in the RS position? This only applies to European RS models though. Ford Australia created their own extension housing for the Type E gearbox that allows it to be used with the standard Escort gear lever placement. So another option if you don't want to cut the hole further back you can acquire an Australian Extension housing for your 4 speed. (They don't work with Type 9s) I go against the grain here and prefer the 4 speed personally unless your no longer using the standard tall 3.54 diff which cruises very well with just 4th. I think the low first is the main issue with both the standard box and Type 9. Getting a raised first gear became one of the most significant and pleasurable changes that I ever made to my Mk2 over and above any need for a 5th gear.
  3. Seems crazy to buy out a well known brand name then phase it out for a more obscure one. Odds on this is Chinese takeover and the quality wont be there any more.
  4. I noticed this quite some years ago. The Group 1's were always on offer in the UK catalogues but never the road ones. Where as here only the road ones were offered and never the Group 1's. It comes down to that division of road stuff and competition stuff. Unfortunately most sellers in the UK are competition retailers especially for Escort stuff where as Bilstein Australia doesn't sell competition stuff at all. Its two different markets with two different types of retailers. The hype with getting Group 1 this and Group 1 that pushed the road stuff off the shelves there entirely I suspect. I remember discussing what Bilsteins I had on my cars decades a go with a visitor from the UK to a show here and he insisted they had to be Group 1 stuff. But they arent. I have them on my Twincam and my Mk2. Bilstein Australia rebuilds these things so if I cant get replacements these days I was just going to get them to rebuild the ones I have. They have been flawless and not harsh compared to the descriptions I hear of the Group 1 versions. They have never worn out which has meant decades of service life and you cant knock that so haven't had to use that service to date. That is a really good find. Well done!
  5. Could I possibly see more of the RS gasket/spacer to see if its the same one as pictured above? The standard RS ones dont exactly mount the mirror at 0 degress out so that may be why the Scimitar one looks like it fits better LOL Thats true I just dont seem to see that many left remote mirrors for sale compared to right hand side ones. Even less with the spacers. Is the left remoter spacer on yours the same as the one I have pictured above? Maybe between us we can get Col, a matching pair of spacers.
  6. That Scimitar one is alot thicker than the originals and wont match the original one I pictured above. The spacer I have pictured above is the correct one that comes with Mk2 RS Remote Mirrors when new. Its also same ones on RP2000 Trouble is you really have to use spacers of the same origin otherwise one always droops lower than the other. Finding an original passenger remote spacer is a whole new level of rare. While many Escorts there came with remote drivers it means the spacer for those are easier to find but the passenger remote mirrors were options so there is only the fraction of them about. Do the drivers Reliant ones match up as well?
  7. We didn't get any of the RS models till the last one so maybe its been a delayed reaction for the younger petrol heads here possibly?
  8. All I can say is WOW! That's full on engineering there.
  9. The ones that came with my remote mirrors arent soft at all they are made of hard plastic?
  10. On shi**y Australian roads that would only leave monster trucks!
  11. I was driving along the other day in the recently acquired Mk2 Focus when I was buzzed by a group of hatch versions all with fancy wheels and spoilers some early some later models all driving in convoy. I knew they were popular in the UK as every day road cars like Fords have always been but it suddenly struck me that they seem to have a cult status akin to Escorts and other OSF. So are Focus' really a cult thing there? They even seem to have their own clubs and sites. I remember someone posting a funny photo of a whole carpark of orange ones but I just thought that in terms of large sales not that sporting fraternity had embraced them? Have they elevated too fun sporting cars over and above their road car status that I thought they had until recently?
  12. Did you end up finding one of these Col? Was definitely the drivers side?
  13. Definitely a market there. The later ones have in fact been reproduced before. You could buy them from 45 to 65 pounds at the time, and this was around 18 moths ago. The cheese wedge type are probably more in demand but I would never pay the ridiculous prices of them and the horrible discolouration of them and how they get their name. If white ones were reproduced I would definitely get one. My Twincam hasn't had one for decades because of the prices and look of them. I almost went with the later style repro ones which mainly seemed to be coming out of Europe but it wasnt period correct for my car but still I should have now that I know at 45 to 65 pounds was a reasonable price. They were clearly marked with a corporate logo of the manufacturer so you could tell they definitely weren't a Ford item.
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