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  1. Four door for me, although it would only have a hairs breadth in it, swap the wheels and ride height on to the coupe’ and you'd have a dead heat.
  2. I was a Cult before I could pay to be a Cult. I think people shouted Cult! at my Police car............
  3. I’m sure that they would cause a stop check, just to check you weren’t wearing size 20 shoes with a flower growing out of the toe, a bright blue jacket, yellow trousers, red braces, a bowler hat brim with no crown, and a big red nose that went HONK when squeezed.😁
  4. Most I got on a Vauxhall was 13 plus a positive breath test. Sometimes we got competitive...........🤣
  5. You do not want to piss off either a DVSA or a Police Vehicle examiner. One guy started giving me lip on a roadside check many years ago trying to get an angry response, when I got to 13 offences I asked him if he had finished, he hadn’t, but I admit I was struggling for the 16th when he finally stfu.
  6. Did they run out of paint on the Mk1?😁
  7. It's a special Police pack 7 slot do-nut warmer tailpipe.
  8. Early Impreza? How many kids with Colin McRae posters are now reaching an age when they can afford to run and insure a hobby car? Still reasonably priced.
  9. I always called them Cortina 80, which I thought was the correct name, every day's a school day, (which is handy for me as I need to catch up, I spent a lot of time playing hooky😁)
  10. In the late 70’s as I was going out on patrol, Regional Crime Squad rocked up into the garage in a Modena Green Consul GT. The driver said it had a 3.1RS engine in it and was good for a 140. It looked the mutts nuts. The Police got all sorts of tricked out experimental schizzle back then.
  11. My Escort already comes with a sign language interface for those that can’t read my lips..............😂
  12. Many thanks for yesterday Stuart, good to meet you. The engine is now residing in my new shed awaiting time to paint it Modena Green instead of Plant Yellow!😂 Cheers, John.
  13. Well you wouldn’t want one of those big fellers rearing up and biting your foot, would you James?
  14. Well, a Yorkshireman would just club that with his dick.......
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