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  1. In the photo Sierra is on the left, RS on the right. Friend of mine once used steel synchros but quickly changed back to brass. Don't know why exactly, probably wear related.
  2. Photo with Sierra gearbox and RS gearbox parts together. Friend of mine adapts extension housing for F2 stockcar but it can also be modified for std Escort gearstick position.
  3. Different diameter. Most if not all of the aftermarket gearsets are for the RS gearbox.
  4. https://www.timms24.de/bilstein-b6-stossdampfer-ford-escort-mk1-2-hinten-oben-stift-unten-buchse.html
  5. Sold my new set recently ... in the UK no one seems to sell the fast road items. Seen them for sale in Germany not long ago.
  6. The one with 2 pins is from a Sierra gearbox (and wiring). The original Mk2 item has a single rond-ish pin (like the one on a 9V battery).
  7. For 8x13 and 9x13 wheels I would say 52 inch for 10x13 it depends on their ET-value.
  8. What's special about the Capri Laser wheels that you cannot use them with UNF studs?
  9. Is fitting some 90 degree terminals from an old loom a possibility?
  10. I always say anyone can ask hollywood style money for their ask, getting it is another matter. That's why I look at "sold listings" on ebay. Like this one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255178947565
  11. Maybe the "For Sale" sign on the car is the real message ...
  12. Think I have 3 NOS genuine Ford items. Will have a look in the garage tomorrow.
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