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  1. Some info on Springalex wheels: https://www.retro-uk.com/page026.htm
  2. I wouldn't blame the calipers. The half shaft(s) will have a "wobble" probably because of the change of bearings. Half shaft wobble means disc wobble which means the pads are pushed back into the caliper. Or if you are lucky the discs are warped or are not mounted flat onto the half shaft.
  3. Did the rear brakes work ok at some point?
  4. If it's rear end grip you are after, there is this secret tuning trick which is also cheap and works at all speeds. Put this in the boot ...
  5. Many years ago I looked at a faulty lamp failure unit from a Sierra. Can't remember what exactly was wrong with it but it was not complicated inside and an easy repair. Maybe Auto Electrician can open it.
  6. I will send you the link. Seller has a complete Mk2 bumper-set for sale. Already has an offer on it. But it is not like ebay so anyone can bid and the bids are not binding. Can ask if he wants to sell the 1/4 bumpers on its own.
  7. Many years ago a clubmember had these calipers and he used discs from Fiat.
  8. Ahhh my eyes ... too shiney. I wonder why you haven't fitted chromed overriders to your bumpers!
  9. The 257 mm ones are used to make use of the all the pad area. You could use 247 mm discs which leaves a bit of pad area unused. Then fit the new 257 discs in a couple of weeks.
  10. For a race car it is of use to keep the under bonnet temps down a bit. For a road car don't. Have seen a couple of road cars with the stuff a year or so after they put it on. The wrap keeps water / moist in contact with the manifold which then becaomes brittle / rust away in no time.
  11. Have you asked them? If not then it's a harsh assumption. Could think of alot of reasons why the prices (if you are correct) are higher. Some time ago another UK company got the same feedback. Turned out they now listed their prices with VAT instead of without.
  12. Curious where it fits, and what engine.
  13. Here is the Mk2 fuel cap I sold some time ago. (and bought a small island of the earnings 😀 ). There are more versions than these but this is the one for the cap that comes flush with the rearpanel (no protruding filler).
  14. What are the tickets for Marcel? Are you going to EFE if it is happening this year?
  15. You would need to pay tax and import duties plus pay for quarantine / UV treatment of the grass before you have it delivered!
  16. Mmmm maybe it's an auction for weed! I won't bother then, we have that enough over here, not that I use it ofcourse.
  17. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/155059287477
  18. The newer type of reduction geared starters are "permament magnet" DC motors. So indeed you cannot compare the two just by using Watt = Voltage x Current.
  19. Sign isn't French, their version is here:
  20. So you haven't spoken to the guy who says use Evans waterless coolant ... Whatever you get don't mix it with anything else.
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