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  1. Well said @Dave Knight and @GrahamU. The Kent engine may not be fast but in the car round the twisty stuff if feels like you are doing 60 at 20mph. As @Dave Knightknows you can give it a good thrashing to get the blood pumping and wheels spinning if you need to. More smiles per mile 😊
  2. @GrahamUhave you seen this https://www.tickover.co.uk/shop/contents/en-uk/d56.html - look at bil28.
  3. But as @Dave Knight said, Welcome @rs1800nick. Lets see some pictures when you can. Are you from the north or south of Watford? 🤣
  4. @GrahamU I would speak to Gaz direct as I know they were looking at covering 2.8 struts and others when I talked to them at the NEC last Nov.
  5. If the new carb is UK spec it will be right for your car if its a standard engine. If its had any cam, head or piston work then you will need to factor that in. Check that the accelerator cable is fully returning so the idle fueling is right hence initial mixture can be set. It's worth taking the air filter off and looking down the barrels at idle to see that there is no overfueling occurring or dripping into the second choke caused by it not shutting off at idle. This can cause a problem with set up. @Dave Knight car has a strange adapted bracket for the accelerator cable which means the link rod is not straight. I plan to remove and reset to get things back to stock. It takes a bit of playing to get the right mix and timing to suit the individual car. Thankfully webers only have 2 screws and the dizzy is on the same side too. The other thing to check is that you don't have a vacuum leak on the base gasket. One of the mounting studs is awkward to access and can prevent even tightening. I've needed 6ft arms in the past.🤣
  6. Yes it is the same price. They're reaching🤣
  7. This was on auction at the NEC too. They want too much for it.😊
  8. Generous to a fault @colr6 🤣
  9. Imagine the new titles with all the Wokisms about: Min Power Mag Slow Car And my favourite: LGBTQ+++ Racial awareness non binary equal rights for all Rider. What a snappy title 🤣🤣
  10. We all used to get Street Machine magazine in the day. Some of the centre pages had great cars on at times 🤣. Some of the pictures would be banned today by the Woke Police 😡
  11. It's snow, its snow, its snow what do we have here then 🤣
  12. Ello, ello, ello. Who parked this car so close to the hedge, I've got to climb in through the passenger side. 😊
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