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  1. Probably the bearings not pressed on far enough
  2. Not seen any black yet. Don’t you fancy a nice red 😳 be better for your heat 😜
  3. Not picked them up yet Dave so don’t know. Re the seat cloth, only the darker material was left but still looking.
  4. Put this in the wrong section, can someone oblige by moving it please 👍
  5. I’ve just taken delivery of 54 carpet sets. All NOS original FORD. A range of mk2 escort/ mk2 Capri/ mk4 Cortina and some Granada yet to confirm model. Not seen any black yet but most other colours. Has anyone seen a mk 2 ghia with red carpets ??? I’ve 4 😳 These have been stored for 40 yrs plus so will need a clean. Before I start listing on eBay I’m thinking of prices ranging from £250 for the lower range carpet and £350 for the ghia deep pile. Some Fiesta to arrive in the next few weeks.
  6. That’s got you black listed straight away Tony associating with the likes of the northern monkey 😂😂😂
  7. The actual roof gutter trims original ones are just unobtainable, there was nothing the lot I got. Shame really because I need some 2 door ones
  8. There’s lots of fake NGKs knocking around especially on fleabay. Only buy from a reputable motor factors.
  9. Knowing this member, would assume it’s fitted to the front of the head on a twin cam.
  10. Tony Thompson racing Melton Mowbray. list one in stock , listed as a Hart breather.
  11. Think you’ll be lucky with that one, the last two I’ve sold have nearly topped £100 Even the locking ones Nos are in the £60 range now due to people nicking the std caps at shows.
  12. Brad Taylor on Retards Club advertising grill and lights.
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