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  1. I’ve a pair of Sierra cosworth leather seats in the loft of my garage which could be surplus.
  2. We had the same boxes supplied by ford deal whether it be RS/ Cortina or Granada. What is the difference on main shaft?
  3. Any 2.0 four speed is the same ie cortina/ Granada don’t get led down the path is RS specific. What’s wrong with your box ?
  4. I’ve had Gaz on the last 4 vehicles and no problems to report.
  5. Thanks Dave, one never knows 🤔 Got someone on the Tina who’s more than interested, so what’s planned this year may change. Depends if I get the escort done, but put a hold on the spending at the moment, the Visa card is starting to melt !😳 Off to pick the engine up tomorrow from the engineers, so next week is engine and gearbox building as I have most of the bits to complete both. Uncle Ray is getting my sundries zinc coated for me, Thanks for the help on that one Ray. Once those bits are back then all the big bits can go in. Once it’s rolling it’s off to the trimmers to have a vinyl roof and headlining fitted. Then the Glass can go in. Might have to take a few weeks off to keep the wife happy. She’s kept me going with tea and sandwiches and not said a great deal apart from the odd comment How much was that !!! ….lol
  6. It was a complete ballache tbh, stripping the harness one to check the wires and find the spurious wire colours where they went and fed. Would have been nice just to drop in plug and play. Not a bloody chance, it just made a simple job a lot longer.
  7. My drivers mirror is supposed to be RS remote std fitment, I was surprised when the scimitar mirror fitted perfectly and the correct RS mirror didn’t. The slight differences in the mirrors can only be seen when you walk round the car. When you look from the front they both look the same. It’s just the gasket issue of getting the right one to make the mirror level. considering I only paid £60 brand new in the box for the scimmy one didn’t think it was a bad deal. No RS tax …lol
  8. 205 block freshly bored, genuine Hepolite pistons, re ground crank and all balanced. New shells and bolts. £675 pics to follow once I’ve built it. Picking up from the engineers Sat.
  9. A few pics on progress, after spending 2/1/2 days sorting the wiring out. Had lots of issues or thought I did with lights not working dip or main horn not working. It turned out all 3 sets of switches had one fault or another with everyone of them. Using the Ford wiring diagrams as a guide, about as much use as a chocolate firegaurd. Hardly any of the couloirs matched up to what I had and that was two sport wiring harnesses. So turned out a lot more work following most wires to source. But got there in the end all working.
  10. The rubber I’ve got is to big to fit the mirror, so what it’s off don’t have a clue. Passenger side mirror ( remote) is off a Reliant scimitar SS1 and fits perfect and came with a thick gasket. The drivers mirror with the gasket on to give you a clue on wrong size
  11. Would have thought if you can re produce as per Ford original there would be a market for them. Restorers want an original and white but if you can achieve that spot on then I would say it’s a goer. I’ve just paid £60 for a mk2 bottle of fairly good condition, have seen mint ones go in excess of £100.
  12. Same as me and I took the bloody things off !!!!
  13. Powder coating…….tut tut…….should in yellow zinc passive coating
  14. 100mm x 50mm I can only assume it comes from under the car as one was painted black like the rest of it. And the other was rusty indicating exterior of car. Nearly there Ray 😂
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