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  1. Found this pic in my file, bit different to the run of the mill stuff. Would be my perfect look tbh.
  2. I’ll check tomorrow to see what’s left and drop you a pm.
  3. We have a stiletto fast back in our area with a Z cars civic type R in the back. It’s a fantastic conversion and the car looks stunning. I raced one back in the 80s with a fuel injected for pushrod in the back through a hewland type 8 or 9. Great fun
  4. Any chance you could forward me that at normal speed Chris ? Trying to locate a car 🤫
  5. Great pics Arron, especially the one with the cow so close up. It looked even better and intimidating when we were stopped behind you ! See you got the pic of the Red Viva GT. Should have stopped to see if I could have bought that 🤔 @Vista may even know where that is ? Might be worth an enquiry if it’s a genuine GT wish I’d know you was going to get me in one of the pics, I’d have run a comb through my hair just to please Ray as he always takes the piss.
  6. On one of our many stops people came out the houses to talk to us, we even waited for one of the chaps father to turn up for a look and chat. All part and parcel of owning and old classic I think. You hear some good stories of where they went and what happened to them when they had the old cars.
  7. What weekend that was 😍 we managed the tour in record time 😂😂😂 Got to the 12-30 lunch break at 15-15. We had more stops than the number 3 bus route! Tea here tea there, cream scones the lot. Consequently we got back to base some 3 hrs after everybody else. A big thanks to the team for arranging such a top drawer event. Weather fantastic, scenery fantastic and as usual great people. 10/10 from me 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Just a note, we managed the 340 ml trip home quicker than the 108 ml tour, not so many cups of tea on the way home….lol We knew we would be last so we took our resident photoman MONZA who will know doubt put up some great pics. His new name is MONZA the KODAK man !!!!
  8. Front or rear ? Think the last main loom removed was a GL. Only extra on that loom to std was the car was fitted with headlamp wash/ wipe. If you’ve got square head/lamps a wash wipe kit could be available.
  9. Does anyone have a need for mk 2 escort LHD parts like dash tops, centre switch panels, pedal boxes, steering cowls, carpets headlights ( square) wiring harnesses ? Possibly anything else that’s LHD specific.
  10. Have you not finished it yet ???
  11. So Angle box has gone. I have a few bits left over mainly escort / general as follows. 2 x jbw 8x 13 grp4 minilites 4x108 fitting. ET -6 Had tyres fitted but never used on a car. These would cost £220 if you bought them £160 1x 9x13 jbw grp4 minilite 4 x108 fitting brand new in box ET -12 £85 1 x 9x13 jbw grp4 minilite 4x 108 fitting ET-12 used £60 pair of K& N filters for Weber/ delorto 40/45 54mm deep done very little so really as new £75 ( don’t think you can one for that ) 1x K&N filter for Weber/ delorto 40/45 brand new in box although box is tatty. Still with sticker and gasket £60 Going on Thursday to pick a load of mk2 escort bits up, don’t know what yet but told to take a van. Watch this space for more parts. based in Hull but can post at extra cost.
  12. It doesn't like the word Escort in any listings, but I've had perfectly legit inoffensive posts result in a ban before, so sometimes the algorithms just don't work as they should. Could it have been the naked lady laid across the parts that did it 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭
  13. Tried putting parts on Retards Club OSF page and it’s happened before, comes up with will not post as it goes against the rules. Is it me or does the site automatically kick legit stuff out. I struggle enough putting stuff on market place without this hassle.
  14. I have 😳 got zero now. Just sold it.
  15. That’s just how I imagined you, 😂 LED NEON lights………give over🚑🚑🚑
  16. I know khandlad runs his cossy turbo through an English axle with ATB std shafts
  17. I’m running quaife 22 spline 2 piece shafts, gripper lsd 3.54 ratio 230/40 bhp 7 or 8 years and still ok
  18. If your not dumping the clutch on starts std shafts should be ok.
  19. You’d have to check bearing sizes but the escort ones should be ok as the Tina axle is 47” wide. To use on an Anglia you just cut the spline length down to correct size. You’ve two options, two piece shafts from either quaife or 3J both set ups ain’t cheap and what I’ve found is it spaces the drive flange 10 mm further out. They’re supposed to be a direct replacement.
  20. Brand new magnum mk2 escort fuel tank think i5 will fit the mk1 as well, surplus to requirements. Still in its box £100 a saving of nearly £40. Can post at extra cost
  21. Anyone got and old 1.6 diesel fiesta engine kicking about ? Need an oil pump complete with case and pick up.
  22. Looks like mk1 zephyr/ zodiac bonnet badge
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