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  1. Test fit of the Finish ford sump guard, I wasn't sure it would fit up with the Alan Dent rack crossmember, but it did , just needs painting, and refitted now 😊
  2. I bought a 1ltr tin of high temp contact adhesive from car builder solutions in the end. I thought putting it on with a brush , would be more controllable than a spray glue in this situation. Plus I can use it for the boot seal and door seals.
  3. I want to build up a front door lock barrel to match my boot lock on my 1965 MK1 Cortina. Does anyone know how to identify the wafers that correspond to the key number. Or any info on building up the lock barrel to match a key. Thanks Johnny
  4. I'm looking to sell my 1950 Land Rover 80, its fitted with a period Rover V8 conversion. I've owned it for nearly 30 years. I'm looking for ÂĢ15,000, or would swap for a Escort or Anglia of similar value, with plus or minus cash adjustment. Cheers Johnny
  5. Looks like you don't need them 😁
  6. Keep it up , you're doing very good work there.
  7. I think most of the lowering coil springs out there are for Capri ,or RS struts, which are the larger diameter. If you car has standard Escort struts, they are smaller dia. Have a look at Burton, or Rally Design.
  8. Hi All, I'm looking for a boot lock for my 1965 Mk1 Cortina 2 Door. Any one have one for sale please. Thanks Johnny
  9. Heres a pic , with the fuel tank fixed to the wall, it's only 3 inches wide ,so doesn't stick out too far. I was going to have it outside , but in the end inside was better,no waxing of the fuel in cold weather. My camper is a Nissan nv200, and I think the 8kw heater would have been too hot, 2kw better.
  10. In the UK we find pre heated barns provide better finds, and are more pleasant to visit during the winter months ðŸĪŠ
  11. I bought this Chinese cab heater for my camper van 3 years ago, and never fitted it. So I fitted it up in the barn. It's great , it's a diesel indirect air heater and exhausts out side , so no horrible fumes. 😁 VID_20220109_155728.mp4
  12. It works as it should , I guess these breaker's can handle amp spikes, and break at 150 amps, or a short. Not had any problems. Good bit of insurance ðŸ˜―
  13. You can't really see from the picture, but I am using a 150 amp resettable fuse on top of the battery. My cable is routed inside the car, and I need peace of mind, that if it did rub though and short , it would blow the breaker. Belt and braces
  14. I'm afraid I keep stopping and ordering and waiting..................................ðŸĪŠ But I would like to get it back and running in a month or so. I just bought a ultra light flywhhel and kevlar clutch, so I'll be putting that in before I do the interiour
  15. Problem is , I can't put horible parts back on to a newly painted car, so its clean and/or paint. and that takes a lot of fiddly time.🙄
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