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  1. I just got round to looking at the brakes. I found this, hand crafted hub cap, it doesn't look like it would keep much out. 😳
  2. Oh that's a bugger. Its always a gamble to put in you best /highest bid. I always think of what I want to pay, and then ad some extra money , that I don't want to pay, just so I get the item. I guess you are thinking, I wish Id put on a higher bid ,now
  3. Nice pics, a bit of everything. I like the Imps🙂
  4. I've got a tow bar from a 1979 2 door Escort 1600 sport , on ebay at the moment, with a 99p start price. It might do somone a turn 🤔
  5. Must be a world shortage of the fluffy stuff that goes between the card and vinyl 😁
  6. This is a SA car , one of the many “ specialist repairs “I’m finding and correcting 🙄
  7. Perhaps this should be in “ bodged repairs, show us your worst” thread 😳
  8. Probably hoping to nick your catalytic converter, but he was thwarted, as yours was already gone 😁
  9. Hi all, I’m looking to sell my very high performance, Basil Blue, Perarna ,exhaust manifold. must be worth a fortune, as I’ve seen nothing else like it. 😂 good for melting all your wires😂 I will be replacing it with a more mundane , conventional one . 🙄
  10. I’ve been going through my late Father’s slide collection, and came across a couple of pictures of his Mk 1 and 2 Cortina’s with us kids on Holiday. The 1965 was in the New Forrest I think, about 1967 and the Mk 2 was in or on the way to Austria, with a new idea of self drive package holiday with Cosmos in 1970.😀
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