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  1. I just got round to looking at the brakes. I found this, hand crafted hub cap, it doesn't look like it would keep much out. 😳
  2. Oh that's a bugger. Its always a gamble to put in you best /highest bid. I always think of what I want to pay, and then ad some extra money , that I don't want to pay, just so I get the item. I guess you are thinking, I wish Id put on a higher bid ,now
  3. Nice pics, a bit of everything. I like the Imps🙂
  4. I've got a tow bar from a 1979 2 door Escort 1600 sport , on ebay at the moment, with a 99p start price. It might do somone a turn 🤔
  5. Must be a world shortage of the fluffy stuff that goes between the card and vinyl 😁
  6. This is a SA car , one of the many “ specialist repairs “I’m finding and correcting 🙄
  7. Perhaps this should be in “ bodged repairs, show us your worst” thread 😳
  8. Probably hoping to nick your catalytic converter, but he was thwarted, as yours was already gone 😁
  9. Hi all, I’m looking to sell my very high performance, Basil Blue, Perarna ,exhaust manifold. must be worth a fortune, as I’ve seen nothing else like it. 😂 good for melting all your wires😂 I will be replacing it with a more mundane , conventional one . 🙄
  10. I’ve been going through my late Father’s slide collection, and came across a couple of pictures of his Mk 1 and 2 Cortina’s with us kids on Holiday. The 1965 was in the New Forrest I think, about 1967 and the Mk 2 was in or on the way to Austria, with a new idea of self drive package holiday with Cosmos in 1970.😀
  11. There was about 3 times that amount , but I only took 2 pictures 🙄
  12. I had a tootle down to Eastboune harbour today, in my Mk1 Cortina. 2 other mk1 cortina’s, a few mustangs, a mk1 escort bubble arch parked next to me.
  13. I do like a hot Anglia, I've owned a few back in the day......................................🙄
  14. You can do it yourself, you can get the bearings from a local bearing supplier. There are measurements that you need to abide by, you will need access to a dial gauge. I’m sure there are u tube tutorial’s for building English differential’s once you have taken you time, and done your first one, you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about😁
  15. I’ve never used Prestone , but it’s blurb does sound like it’s very good all round.
  16. Normally what happens , is the pinion bearings wear, allowing the pinion/crown wheel mesh to change from its correct mesh, and making a howl when you get on and off the power. the solution is to strip check and repair, or get a good second hand one. if you are going to rebuild , I’d put a ATB centre in at the same time😀
  17. Blue for older cast iron engines. Pink for alloy and cast modern engines. Prestone is supposed to mix with any antifreeze, but I've never used it.
  18. This is the style Taunus I was thinking of
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