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  1. yeah i remember you telling me col. i need silver ones.
  2. the silver ones i had were chrome plastic same as the windscreen inserts.
  3. have you got some silver ones col? i have a pair of black ones in my garage roof. one was tidy the other was damaged when i got them. i'll have a look in my dads garage and see if there is any in there.
  4. glad to hear the car came back. looks a beautiful thing that.
  5. yep thats correct, the Harriers were built 79-80 for less than 6 months. they were built to celebrate the escort winning the 79 Lombard RAC Rally. 1000 in diamond white and 500 in stratos silver. They were based on the 1600 sport. with the addition of fishnet recaros, bronze glass, rear boot spoiler, bumper over riders and RS 4 spokes as standard. really rare these days and even more so in silver. Col finally gets an escort and get one of the rarest models! jammy sod!
  6. they didnt, just rear spoiler. but everyone fitted front spoilers in the 90s
  7. don't think he'd buy it back. probably double the price it was sold for. does look mint though.
  8. i see the good old kermit has popped up on ebay again. still looks fantastic
  9. that yellow rs2000 just looks like my old one. wish i still had it now.
  10. for me, i love period mods, with the exception of a couple of more modern engines. cant beat a slammed sleeper on 13s, barking on webers.
  11. great to catch up with you today col. hope that escort comes out as well as the cortina! fantasic car that mate especially with the tuned up boat anchor.
  12. did you ever find any of these? i have a march 76 mex. had the chrome trims and window rubber inserts when i bought it. changed them for black in about 2001. wanting some myself to put the original chrome parts back on.
  13. gotta say i do love pro street cars! i bought some mk2 escort parts from a guy down ashfield a few years back. that escort was in his unit.
  14. easy to turn it around on col.
  15. yeah i'll give that one a miss. col can take one for the forum
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