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  1. Cause the operating costs are so high you just leave it covered in the garage? 🤔
  2. Thats cause they're only for down under Australian made Escort and Cortinas! 🤣 The internals are totally clear and shiny with so sign of moisture damage. The specs of rust I mentioned at just on the bottom rim where they have been resting on the box. I just wondered if the filter paper absorbs water naturally even though you cant see it. I got nostalgic that they were made in Australia as they changed them to a Z89A (with a wider body) and Made in China more than a decade ago.
  3. Scored a box of Oil Filters for a reasonable price but they quite old and stored on a shelf for ages. They are even Made in Australia so definitely old! Their boxes have been chewed by slugs or snails or something but the filters inside seem alright with a speck of rust here and there. But the state of the boxes made me wonder if these things absorb moisture into the filter paper rendering them a bit hit an miss to use? If you had eight of them would you use them?
  4. That price took my breath away. Low mileage originality is really where the big bucks is at.
  5. Thanks to @Vista for finding this one. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cars/article-11115835/Ford-Capri-2-8-Injection-Special-585-MILES-sells-71k.html 71 thousand quid for a 2.8i Capri is good money if you can get it!
  6. I cant find the it doesn't exists with out photo proof emoji!
  7. You talking about my car? ....... Oh I get what mean now 😀
  8. It would just remind me the rest of the car was red hot during Summer! (I think you can sympathize with that yourselves right now LOL)
  9. Its a 10 - 32 with a 10mm thread length and a Phillips Head.
  10. I have issues with Orange Mk1s .......................................................................................... That look way better than mine!
  11. That one is slightly different part number its for 27 watt bulbs. Ive seen a couple of these Ive been tempted to try it and see what happens but they are pretty pricey to land here just for an experiment unfortunately.
  12. It keeps indicating that the brake bulb lights have failed but they have all be renewed and checked. The Auto Electrician traced the fault to this module and I said I would try find one but cant it seems. I saw one listed for a different model as being refurbished so it has me wondering if that may even be a possibility?
  13. Been trying to get a part for a late 80s SV21 Toyota Camry for the past month and need to it to bring the car home so getting a desperate so even thought I would reach out here. Im after what they call a Lamp Failure relay. Trouble is the seem to make the same car with different bulb wattage so they all seem to vary. I have seen the listed in the US but not the one i was after so as a last resort I wondered if you guys ever got those second generation Camrys there? It apparently is the same Module used in AE92 Corollas of the same vintage. I have even tried one of those strange Japanese Parts sites where I paid over a hundred quid for one waited for a week and then was told it was discontinued and have to wait a month to get my money back. Any ideas from your part of the world?
  14. It doesnt look spit or anything so it may clean up ok. That may be the way to get one bumper and all. Where is it for sale?
  15. The 257mm are the ideal with Princess callipers. I remember when I got mine Rally Design were the only place that had them. May have to wait it out unfortunately.
  16. It does seem bright when you first get it done but a few heat cycles and it does dull quite a bit without actually discolouring or going blue in places like stainless.
  17. While it may not be worth doing on older branch manifolds its definitely worth doing on original cast ones. The RS and Cortina ones are particularly prone to cracking with the main cause being temperature variations from inside and out. The ceramic coating contains more heat within and supposedly improves efficiency but it keeps the heat in so that the manifold cools down very slowly which sudden cooling is what causes them to crack. I have found mine still quite warm hours after switching the engine off. The added benefit is you don't have a rusty looking manifold. I chose silver to match the thermostat housing and other shiny alloy bits but just get it black if you want something more subdued.
  18. A cuckoo in the nest! I would even possibly trade my angled one for a matching one. I know another Rally Pack owner who joined the forum looking for one like that.
  19. He's probably still swearing at me though for driving the price up! LOL As Miniliteman will attest they were at 26 pounds with 60 seconds to go and finished at 180. I bet the seller got a huge shock checking one minute to the next LOL It would be funny if he just wanted one also we could have split it!
  20. I didnt actually I put in a hundred and five with 30 seconds to go then reloaded to punch in 175 at ten seconds to go and he sniped me with 2 seconds to go.
  21. Ceramic coating sort of replaces it now and looks much nicer.
  22. God damn got sniped in the last 2 seconds, went to 175 pounds and got done at 180 pounds! Its now getting ridiculous, maybe I should sell the three I have just to get some money back for a change! Ive been years at this and still cant get one laying down some heavy cash. Im really getting p*ssed now! Stayed awake till 3am just to get these!
  23. So you gave her the boot rather than putting her in one, that works too! The only way I could get some aircon fitted was in exchange for fixing a guys Twincam. You have to go with whatever way you can.
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