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  1. I fitted one when I was dragging my Mk3 Tina it made it easy to winch it on to my Beavertail, it's detachable so it cant be seen - bolts on to the front subframe with a strengthining plate wit 2 M10 bolts..
  2. Tour booked! we are looking forward to it! 👍👍
  3. I've got a moded Mk3 Tina Cologne V6 with modded gearbox and suspension etc, and a Crusader estate that I was going to leave standard - well that was the intention! but just drop the springs by an inch put nicer wheels on, oh and change the gearbox, not too much change, but the engine was a bit tired, so a re-bore and freshen the head up with a skim, but might as well flow it, bigger valves and cam, and fuel injection to manage it all, I just can't help it! 😊
  4. I went to Hastings from Plymouth last weekend and managed to get fuel only E10 though so had to add octain boost, some stations had run out though......
  5. Going to Hastings next weekend, always a good weekend! not so good if it's raining though! but lots to keep us busy in the old part of Hastings, off to Cortina-De-Ampezzo next September so plannig for that will start soon - and guess most of the shows and events will be on again next year....
  6. Thanks for your reply, confirms what I thought but wanted to test the water Valaline seems a popular choice....
  7. Opinions please! what would be the best engine oil to use in a 2.9i Granada 12 valve? make, grade and viscosity, I've had a few conflicting recommendations recently! 190 @ the wheels.
  8. Just had a short break in Jersey with classic car tours in the Cortina, long ferry ride from Portsmouth - 10 hrs 20 mins, but well catered for, the Merton Hotel was excellet, it was good to have a drive around the island stopping here and there at vairous interesting places with no face masks and able to buy a beer over the bar! the journey home was on the tri hull ferry 45 mph! and a journey time of 6 hours, it was just good to get away for a few days with the car! although the weather was a bit soggy!
  9. Hello! yes all ok ta, the Cortinas been asleep for 6 months I've had my second jab so hopefully things will start to improve show and trip wise in a couple of months!!
  10. Iv'e always used BP ultimate in mine, the YB when I had it was 11:1 cr and it seemed to like it! also its just up the road from where I live so another reason to use it!
  11. We are off to Guernsey in mid June, long weekend to stretch the Cortina's legs!
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