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  1. That could well be correct, new 1/4 glass is used but of unknown origin, but deffo off a 2 door. problem solved anyway…..
  2. ok, problem solved. fixed 1/4 glass must have been off a 4dr window channel was twisted. new glass, new guide. done
  3. Just checking, does anyone have a door glass guide off a 4dr that could give us a measurement, in case its the same length? thanks
  4. Drivers side, fixed 1/4 glass tinted ( green ) 2dr car cheers
  5. Hey guys, so, I have problems with getting my drivers door set up. I need, fixed 1/4 glass, the guide between the 1/4 glass and drop glass, internal door handle and long release rod and exterior handle. also need postage to Auckland, New Zealand. nothing on ebay, no joy with Darran at Escortec. Cant find anything here or in Oz. thanks Phil
  6. So, it’s been a reasonable week on the car. I’ve got the rear drums and shoes off, stripped cleaned and painted the back plates, fitted the new springs and bled all the brakes. Been chasing leaks all week but nearly there. Got a really good pedal and the servo works so that’s a bonus. Placed the focus st seats in, they look like they’ll work with a bit of tweaking on the fixings. I’ve put the 2nd hand sport seats in, but it looks like Ive got 3 pairs of left hand runners, so I’m trying to source a pair locally. Started refitting the doors, got the passenger side opening from inside and outside now, just got to fit the window and all the new rubbers once I’ve worked up the courage to drill the doors for the mirrors. Looks like I’m missing the long rod from the drivers door, again I’m hoping to source that locally. Looks like we’ll be in lockdown for at least another 2 weeks here, so the Escort will be getting a bit more attention next week. cheers Phil
  7. Some days it feels like it will never get finished, But the “ to do “ list is getting smaller.
  8. Hi all, We’ve gone back into lockdown here in NZ so I can get back on to the escort. Lots to do, but I’ve been itching to see if I can get the ST focus seats in. It looks like they’ll work but they really are a big seat, or the escort is a very small car….. I haven’t got the seat belts in yet but happy to get the seat in. I can’t fit the seats in permanently until Its gone through all the checks that are required here to make it road legal. ive got quite a lot of the parts I need to get it over the line now, so it’s time to pull finger and crack on…
  9. The Escort turned a lot of heads in the way home yesterday, that’s for sure. weather has been pretty good, I wouldn’t swap it for early Feb in Dudley.... the other cars in that photo are in the Bodyshop I’ve used. Mk2 Cortina is a new arrival and the red car is an MG ( looks like a Mk2 Jag from a distance.
  10. Finally got it home, after 2yrs.... now to get on with finishing
  11. They should be std, I suspect they are for clearance for the indicators.
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