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  1. Wanted - 2 door MK1 Escort Must have a totally solid shell with no rust or bodges (i will find them, so please don't try it on ) and be in a nice colour - spec is a secondary concern, this will be my forever car so im in no rush. I dont mind mechanical work, im just not restoring shells any more! Im a serious buyer with up to 30k to spend on the right car - i'm near Liverpool but don't mind travelling nationally for the right car. At my price range, id be asking for full pictures and a video walkaround before i come and view the car. Please get in touch if you are thinking of selling. revingtosh@gmail.com or whatsapp me on 07342632129 and i'll get back to you asap. Cheers Mike
  2. What sort of Torque and Horsepower would be reliably achievable would you say? I want flames and bangs from a side exit exhaust by the way. Thats mandatory
  3. Hi everyone - before you all pile in - i know what you are gonna say... "Why not just fit a Pinto / Zetec / Whatever..." In the interests of building something different, not to mention cheap - has anyone got any knowledge of Turbo Charging the 1300 xflow? Im thinking that id like to give it a go as an interesting engineering exercise - plus my 1300 motor has only got about 70000 miles on it, so its a nice starting point. I dont want to throw money at the problem - id like to get as many second hand parts from scrapyards / ebay as possible - just to build something different. Any constructive thoughts & opinions would be greatly appreciated. As would any suggestions on Turbo / Carb/ Management etc. Cheers Mike
  4. Ive got a 4 door too. Im thinking 2 litre zetec turbo with ALS and a side pipe
  5. Double check all of your fuel lines too mate. I saw a Mk3 ezzy go up in flames a few yrs ago due to perished fuel lines
  6. Thanks chief. I've just spoken to Graham at GS Escorts today (what a helpful chap) He has confirmed that a chamfer needs to be cut on the back of the hubs - which isnt a problem
  7. Thanks Col - Yes ive used the spacer washers - the calipers wouldnt go on without them. Cheers
  8. Hi, Just a quickie that im hoping some Old Skool god will know the answer to. Ive got a Mk2 Escort 1300 Ghia. Ive just fitted Capri 2.8 vented disks with spaced M16 Calipers (standard struts) - new wheel bearings and seals etc. My question is this - is the back of the outer front hub (the bit where the wheel studs pass though) supposed to be really close to the body of the caliper? When all in position ive got 1 to 2 mm of clearance - is this correct? Im just worried about the hub fouling the disk in the event of any wheel bearing. Thanks in advance, Mike
  9. Hi, Im not sure on your budget / desired requirements - but i got offered a MK3 Capri last week - the lad has still got it too. MK3 Capri 2 Litre S (i think!) Black Solid car so im told. Bad points Some clown has handpainted it matt black It needs a clutch. I can get the lads number if you need it. He was after a grand for it.
  10. Hi everyone! After a 20 yr lay off, and getting side tracked with career, mortgages, and kid - ive decided to reward myself with this nice MK2 on my 40th birthday recently. Glad to be back on board Lots of mods planned - the car is solid, it just needs a little TLC mechanically which im doing over the winter.
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