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  1. after (a few!!!) months off, i'm back many regards from France ! Stéphane
  2. Hi mates ! i wish you a happy new year for all of you and families ! regards from France Stéphane
  3. internet is fantastic : i'm in France talking with a friend from Belgium on a British forum !!! Stéphane
  4. thank you guys in English first : hello Olivier, we never meet each other, despite i've seen on the net the bebuilt of your car : CONGRATULATIONS !!! i was at Valentigney this year but without the x-pack, i don't want really to sell !!! et en Français : Olivier, on ne se connait pas, mais j'ai suivi le sujet de restauration de ton Escort : je n'ai qu'un mot : FELICITATIONS j'étais à Valentigney en visiteur cette année sans la x-pack que je n'arrive pas à me résoudre à vendre !!! regards amicalement Stéphane
  5. thank you for warm welcome ! salut Fix, j'habite à côté de valence (dépt26) pas en GB ! i wanted to post some pics of my x-pack but impossible yet (not 10messages yet !) regards Stéphane
  6. hello Tim i tried to post a photo but it's not possible for me yet (newbie) my avatar is my car thanks regards
  7. hello my name is Stéphane i'm living in France i used to study and work in GB i LOVE old Fords as i own RS 2000 mk2, 1600 GTE mk2 Cortina, mk1 granada estate... i own a MK2 RS X-PACK and i wonder how to verify how it's a genuine one or not the car has all mechanical fitments required plus the zakspeed kit with doors fenders (those i never saw in any photos) thanks for your help ) best regards from France ! Stéphane
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