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  1. Yes it's been underway for many years & I'm pretty late to posting it on OSF, but with a potential 250-300 Capris attending it's going to be a great event to finish off the anniversary shows
  2. So with lots of 50th anniversary Capri events taking place this year Surrey Capri Club has been working on building from the 45th event to bring this one bigger & better. SO many things still need to get sorted. Sunday 8th September - Starts 10am. Capris only unless by special request! Entry fee is standard Brooklands fee £14.50. As soon as you drive in you will be guided by our marshals with many other Capris of all models and styles. Our merchandise is available on the day. We will be drawing the raffle for the banking photos and everyone can come to view this. Test hill will be open to those registered and paid (see our website for full details on restrictions & cost) so watch the Capris go up a hill steeper than you think! We'll give everyone time for lunch and then awards will be presented. And, as a treat, Steve Saxty has spoken with myself & Calvin last week (thank you very much for that teleconference) will be providing the heritage 280 Capri and others as he states above and will give a talk about Capris. This and more will make this one of the best events to remember, turning 50 is a massive celebration so let's do it in style! We want you there as part of the Capri collective! More info & updates on www.surreycapriclub.co.uk or Instagram @surreycapriclub Any questions anyone has please do not hesitate to shout!
  3. Whoops haven't updated this thread for a while. Last year the gearbox ate the layshaft gear & the rest of the gearbox, so that was rebuilt by OldSkoolFord. After that I took it to Speyer in Germany for a Capri show, then Lincolnshire for a Capri photoshoot with the Lancaster Bomber, and was used reguarly. I got a different job in August last year & my spare time got used up & wasn't using the Capri as train commute cheaper. It's suffered over the winter, but job finished & back on it for summer 2018. Have ordered some new window frame trim from East Kent as the drivers side has perished, but just going out & enjoying it!
  4. A lot of stuff has happened since I updated this thread. Winter 2016 saw further restoration done on it, passenger side, roof, replaced the bonnet with a solid one, painted etc etc. Most people will have seen it at meets & shows across the South East. I'll upload resto pics but this is the finished results from Hanworth show summer last year. Have been truly happy with the results, and apart from the headgasket going after I got it back, it's been a blast to drive & enjoy. Looking forward to show season this year!
  5. I'll be there this time Capri is out the bodyshop can't wait missed too many
  6. Now sold sadly, it may be staying local to me but going to miss it. Needs must an all that
  7. Would a tatty looking but solid 4 door Mk2 Escort 1.3 be of any interest at all?
  8. Bumped as it's not easty to find anything suitable.
  9. Shame, I have a Mk1 Capri one but untested
  10. As title. Rust free good condition Mk3 bonnet needed as more work being done to mine. Please PM with pics if poss, location & price. CheeRS
  11. So as well as my Capri I took the plunge & bought this 4 door Escort. 1979, history from what I see is that it was bought new and passed over to the owner's wife in '94, then sold in 2005 and beyond that details are sketchy. But, it has an MOT until August '16, and plenty of small tweaks. New clutch, 1300 Crossflow, new Weber ICH34 carb, lowered 2" on single leafs at the rear, polybushed front end, and a 4 branch manifold, makes it sound faster than it goes, and front seat Recaros. It has a minor oil leak from the sump gasket (job to do) and the carb still needs tweaking but getting there. As my first dip into Escort territory it's a good start, it goes well (nothing like my Capri though) & a fairly smooth ride. Plans are to reinstate the chrome trim & paint the rear wheels, but the bodywork is solid & is worth keeping like it is, something cool about a ratty looking more door. Just need to enjoy it for the moment!
  12. And the finished product I then went out & bought a new set of mk2 alleycat replica wheels on 205/60 Toyos And since then it's just used as a daily. Should be going in for more work very soon.
  13. A lot of work was done last year on the drivers side to get the car in better condition, most people will have seen me at pretty much most of the shows & meets with the car. These are some of the pics in progress....
  14. Taken the plunge and bought a Mk2 Escort yesterday as a project. Loved the journey back but it needs a bit of work. Main thing is the sump gasket leaks like buggery. The previous owner sealed it as best as poss for a temporary fix but needs changing. Is it an easy fix to lift the engine up a bit & work around the crossmember? Any advice greatly received. CheeRS
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