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  1. This time i did some work on the right innerwing and battery tray , becourse there was some rust , not much to see , but it was the right thing to do becourse it gives more space to paint it like this. So did use some rustygo gel , and thats work good , only to remove it give some work. And after that i did put it also in the expoxy. Later i will weld it back with welding spray between it , against the rust.
  2. Thanks , It`s getting their , the plan at the moment is to get the engine bay in to the filler in a month or so , and after that i will go to work at mine escort estate again , that one is all ready roadtax free , for the granada tot roadtax free it a 1 year or maybe 1,5 year.
  3. So the underside of the paravan is also done , there was some rust , but hard to remove becourse it very tide , but with a bit of sandblasting and rustremover/gel it looks alot better , i did not get it a 100% clean but it`s ok , and after that i did some welding and grinding/sanding on the left innerwing , that sits also in the expoxy primer.
  4. At the moment i am doing the engine bay , removing some rust , a little bit of grinding , and after this is i spray it in the expoxy primer , and later i will put it in the filler.
  5. And i bought also the breakets for the rear rollbar , once cleant up i did weld them on the right spot , and put on the rear rollbar , the bushes don`t fit very good , so the need some fillings between the bushes and chassis.
  6. Id did finally i could mine hands on the isolation carpet , but it was worse , so that needed alot of attention , let it dry first , took off the black stuff and i bought some undercarpet and did glue it on the soft stuff , and with some sealer it looks pretty nice if i may say so my self , at the front i did a extra low becourse the soft yellow stuff may be did sink in after all those years and there was some tension , but overall i am happy with it.
  7. A escort mk2 longroof van from the The Netherlands.
  8. And the next thing i did was , i put en boot carpet , but it was 30/35 mm to short , i don`t how a original carpet fits , luckly the battery and the jack sits before the end. But it looks much better than the old mk2 boot carpet , the only to do is to place some isolation under it to fill it up.
  9. Part 2 , i did wanted this for along time alloy wheel hubs , to safe some fuel , everything for the environment. They are 1 kg lighter.
  10. Yes Minilteman yourè right and i must say it wasn`t cheap. 🤑
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