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  1. hi folks, rather than go on google and have an array of fitments etc... thought it best to come to the source! had a look through my junk, found these, can you tell me what models these 2 parts are specifically for?
  2. Thank you, all i done was copy and paste the details....? Bizarre, but cheers.
  3. So here is a list of what has been done to it, i have left out a couple of bits, but i think that what has been done is clearly justified in the price! car will be ready in the New year, just gauging to see if there is any interest....? KHK729V 4 door Mk2 1600cc Highly Modified VAUD Escort This car has been undergoing extensive modifications for the last 8+ years. Standard 4 door saloon, most parts that have been fitted are either brand new or very good quality second hand parts. The car has not been driven on the road, never had a wheel turned in anger since owning the car, details are as follows; Working from the rear of the car forwards New fuel tank with swirl pot positioned in the boot, battery is in the boot with brand new pipework and cabling, fuel pump is from an injection model Ford, new p clips securing the fuel lines Rear axle is an Atlas, thicker shafts, extra pinned, 3:44 LSD ratio, disc brake and callipers, this axle is Brand new Custom made prop shaft, Vauxhall Omega v6 5 speed gearbox (strong enough for 400BHP Plus) Brand new clutch and flywheel, the flywheel has been lightened and balanced professionally The gearbox tunnel was originally an Auto tunnel, but has been modified to take the larger gearbox, and again, to a very high standard. Interior is of a high standard, it does require a small section of carpet to cover the gearbox tunnel, but the carpet fitted is an original mk2 4 door carpet, due to the size of the tunnel, it will require a small section to complete. Both rear seats have been recovered with the FORD emblem stitched into the back of the rear seat. Front seats were recovered many years ago and had the headrests removed. Door cards are in very good condition, the interior looks virtually standard; the car has the 140mph speedo dash, also currently fitted with a Nardi steering wheel, BUT THIS IS NOT TO BE INCLUDED IN THE SALE…. Internal part of the doors has had plastic sheets fitted between the door and the door cards. Brand new bias pedal box, fluid bottles have been mounted under the bonnet and have had a customised plate covering the base of the connections. The bonnet has been modified with BMW linkage, so the bonnet opens the opposite way than that of a standard mk2 Escort, this is one of a kind, and compliments the car. The engine is a 2 litre 16v Vauxhall Redtop, the engine has been fully rebuilt, lightened bottom end, new rods/pistons, block has been acid dipped, the head is a group B Martech head, this has been dismantled, inspected and again, rebuilt to a very high standard, the camshafts are standard, rocker cover has been sprayed. All engine pipework is new, the radiator is an alloy type brand new and has an electric fan and new switch fitted, remote oil filter and pipework fitted, front anti roll bar is the extra wide/thick type, front suspension is coil overs along with vented discs and Ford Capri 2.8 callipers. The ecu is brand new; the engine has Throttle bodies (Jenvey type and brand new). Front wings, front panel, slam panel, front lights are all new (Magnum panels) Engine bay has been painted, wiper motor has been replaced, and all glass is good, Wheels are deep dish Mexico steels shot blasted and painted, front tyres are 185’s, rears are 205’s again brand new. The body as a whole is pretty solid, I have had all filler and metal work rubbed down, treated and sprayed in clear lacquer, so all the rust and marks are very visible, this has been done to my requirements as I wanted the ‘Sleeper’ look, along with lowering blocks fitted and also anti tramp bars (new bars and bushes) looks fantastic, It comes with a racing branch exhaust manifold, and a brand new 2 box exhaust system, it sounds good, and not too loud! This is a one of a kind Mk2 Escort, The whole car has cost me in excess of £16k. After spending thousands on this one off build, and far too many years, I am not prepared to continue with it. The work/quality is of a very high standard, I have lost my enthusiasm and whoever buys the car will not be disappointed, it will need very little to put back on the road, basically Tax! Sum of some of the parts Rear axle £2,600 Engine and rebuild £5,000 ECU £1,700, Throttle bodies £600, front suspension £380, Interior £800, wheels and tyres £400 Fuel tank with swirl pot £300, Bias pedal box £190, Exhaust manifold £200, inlet manifold £200, Exhaust system £375 Total for just these parts alone £11,745 This is excluding the new panels fitted, the gearbox, front lights, prop shaft etc.… The underside is solid, it has had various colours of primer applied, all chassis rails are solid, floor pans are solid, and all in all, a very good example and has also had waxoyl applied in every nook and cranny. Serious interest only, this is a serious car, a real head turner and on paper will put out a very strong 180/190 BHP, in a car that does not weigh a great deal, this is a very good power to weigh ratio. I had a 3:44 ration in the differential fitted as I wanted the car to be able to stretch its legs, it has not been built for rallying or drag racing, but a reliable road car, if you want it to handle like a drag car or a rally car, buy it first, then do as you please, no test pilots, no swaps, and no insults. I may do a PX but cash my way, nothing FWD and nothing new.
  4. must have compression, as local to Essex as poss' but can travel, as complete as poss' no scrappers , and standard engines please nothing modified.
  5. Change of direction, car is in Terling area Essex just off the A12, i only have 1 old MOT and the blue logbook trailer required I have bought some parts separate which i will offer as a lot if interested, these include 2 x front glass wings, 1 sill, pair of rear lights, 1 poss' 2 wiper motors, and a couple of other odds and sods. i also have the rear seat and some interior parts but very shabby, but you can get a pattern off them.
  6. Sorry, i am colour blind, thought it was white with spots...... Curses Rally Pack!
  7. Always fancied a van, pref' the mk2 model, black & Gold, arches lowered, and no washing machine windows on the sides!
  8. The angle makes the car look huge!
  9. haha! small world eh? sadly no, i had the engine rebuilt in Stanford le hope by benchsound and done a swap later for a mk3 escort....? I know i know i know!!!!
  10. Hahaha! go get yer mouldings... you busy fella!
  11. No great rush, i am back on here now, thumbs up!
  12. That's just it, nothing has come through, this is why i had to use a different email address, obviously something has managed to crawl inside this machine and decide to play up! not to worry, i will continue as i am and press onwards, thanks anyway, Graham.
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