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  1. Hello All again,

    I am now confident I have everything sorted to fit the RX8 5 speed gearbox to my AJ30 engine. I have had it all together, it turns over on the starter nice and easy and the clutch operates/springs go over centre mid travel of the slave cylinder.

    The parts I have used are:

    • Freddy's adaptor plate
    • Mondeo flywheel
    • Jaguar Starter Ring
    • Jaguar starter motor
    • Mondeo clutch cover
    • Generic 23 spline Ford clutch plate (sold as a TVR spare)
    • Mazda 6 slave cylinder
    • Crankshaft to flywheel spacer
    • Crankshaft pilot bearing and flywheel locator adaptor
    • Adapted RX8 clutch arm pivot 

    All that's left to do is to get the flywheel and spacer statically balanced.

    I have now moved on to making the air intake plenum chamber. I am going for a classic looking plenum chamber sitting on top between the cam covers. 

    The next update will be in a while as I am now back working abroad to get more pennies!

    I have attached some pics to show what I have been up to. I am very close to having a kit for full rebuild.



    Flywheel and Starter Ring 1.jpeg

    Flywheel and Starter Ring 2.jpeg

    Flywheel and Starter Ring 3.jpeg

    Flywheel Complete.jpeg

    Flywheel Spacer.jpeg

    Flywheel, Spacer and Pilot Bearing adapter fitted to flywheel.jpeg

    Pilot Bearing Adapter in Crankshaft.jpeg

    Starter Ring to Starter location.jpeg

    Starter ring, Adapter Ring and Flywheel Tack Weld.jpeg

    Clutch Slave Cylinder - Clutch fully released.jpeg






  2. Hello All - Update on progress.

    I have found a flywheel from a 2.5 Mondeo (non ST) and it fits a treat. I can now align clutch operating arm by extending the pivot and I have a pilot/spigot bearing adaptor being made in a local machine shop. I am fitting the Jaguar starter ring to the ford flywheel to enable me to keep the original starter and not adjust the gearbox adaptor plate. All is looking good now.

    Whilst this has been going on I have finally finished the fuel tank modifications to take an internal Walboro pump. I have fitted extra baffles to create an internal anti-surge zone for the pump to sit in and closed up the original leaky large drain/access plate, replacing it with a simple drain plug. All of the access holes have been closed up aircraft fuel tank closing style (lots of work, but worth it in the long run). All this is much cheaper, and I believe more in keeping with what I want, than the external surge tank/pumps/piping that was the alternative. Fuel tank/pump installation pic attached.

    More news as and when it happens.









  3. I have taken some pics today. Will re-post my work and the pics in Projects & Restorations and keep the work updated there.
  4. I am pushing to get the car on the road by summer 2016 and so she will just have to wait until then!! I work out of the country a fair bit and so I do not get as much time in the garage as I would like. I want the patio BBQ sorted as much as her. I am only joking, the Mrs is really cool about the whole thing and really supportive although I am in to a trip to Cheshire Oaks this weekend and I think it is a bit of payback!!
  5. This weekend I will get some up to date pics of the work and mods carried out so far. I'll repost the thread with the pics in the project/mods area of the forum and then keep progress updated there.
  6. Hello All, I have a MK03 Zodiac that I have had in the garage for 14 years and now I am seriously in to the renovation and modifications. Hopefully I won't upset the traditionalists too much but it is/was a 2 owner, 53K and solid motor when I bought it in 2001 and now I am updating to create a modern version of a great looking cruiser. I have the body on a spit and have had to do very little welding in the engine bay and underneath (front valance, bonnet hinge areas, front wing attachment landings, front seat attachments and inner rear wheel arches only) and am now de-rusting and epoxy priming before starting on the upside. Everything else is solid with only surface rust needing sorting. The project plan is: Duratec/AJ30 V6 3.0 engine and manual gearbox from an S type Jag Upgraded front braking with ventilated discs and 4 pot calipers (bespoke Hi-Spec kit from Tickover) Standard rear axle, diff & brakes Lowered 2" by blocks at the rear and adjustable or fixed lowered spring seats at the front (GAZ repair/upgrade) Reconditioned and uprated front damping Telescopic adjustable dampers at the rear Steering rack conversion with bespoke front cross member with relocated inner TCA attachments and shortened TCA's to maintain factory camber, caster and roll centre settings together with bump steer reduction. 14" Minilites The result will be a bit of a sleeper that apart from being lowered and fitted with Minilites will look pretty standard. Initial calculations give 240BHP, 2520 RPM at 70mph in 5th and 0 - 60 in 7 seconds or less (dependant upon the diff holding up under a careful right boot!!) I will surprise a few people and have some fun! I have to get the project finished as the area the garage sits on that the Zody is in has been promised to the Mrs as a BBQ patio!!! I think I may have sold my soul for some 'personal' favours. As I progress through I will be asking some questions and exploring your collective modification experiences. Please be kind with me! Gary
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