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  1. Hello All again,

    I am now confident I have everything sorted to fit the RX8 5 speed gearbox to my AJ30 engine. I have had it all together, it turns over on the starter nice and easy and the clutch operates/springs go over centre mid travel of the slave cylinder.

    The parts I have used are:

    • Freddy's adaptor plate
    • Mondeo flywheel
    • Jaguar Starter Ring
    • Jaguar starter motor
    • Mondeo clutch cover
    • Generic 23 spline Ford clutch plate (sold as a TVR spare)
    • Mazda 6 slave cylinder
    • Crankshaft to flywheel spacer
    • Crankshaft pilot bearing and flywheel locator adaptor
    • Adapted RX8 clutch arm pivot 

    All that's left to do is to get the flywheel and spacer statically balanced.

    I have now moved on to making the air intake plenum chamber. I am going for a classic looking plenum chamber sitting on top between the cam covers. 

    The next update will be in a while as I am now back working abroad to get more pennies!

    I have attached some pics to show what I have been up to. I am very close to having a kit for full rebuild.



    Flywheel and Starter Ring 1.jpeg

    Flywheel and Starter Ring 2.jpeg

    Flywheel and Starter Ring 3.jpeg

    Flywheel Complete.jpeg

    Flywheel Spacer.jpeg

    Flywheel, Spacer and Pilot Bearing adapter fitted to flywheel.jpeg

    Pilot Bearing Adapter in Crankshaft.jpeg

    Starter Ring to Starter location.jpeg

    Starter ring, Adapter Ring and Flywheel Tack Weld.jpeg

    Clutch Slave Cylinder - Clutch fully released.jpeg






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