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  1. Nice one thank you. Asked a few people and no one knew, are they usually fitted on a mk1?
  2. Hi there has any one got an idea what axel this is, currently on a mk1 escort.
  3. Hi just recently purchased a mk1 escort imported from South Africa been given photo copies of all paper work which have been rejected form DVLA. DVLA have advised that a recognised car club who could possibly inspect the car and give an age and model report. Can anybody somebody help with this mater any advise is welcome. thanks Alan h
  4. Alan h

    Alan h

    good morning I’ve recently purchased a mk1 escort imported from South Africa, I’ve been given photo copies of the sa log book which I sent off to DVLA they have sent back a rejected application and recommended I get the car verified for age and model by a car club. Wondering if you can help with this matter? many thanks Alan Hopkins.
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