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  1. I may have one, I'd have to take a closer look at the one that came with my Escort. I'll get back to you..
  2. Hi Everyone, I've just recently acquired a 1977 Mk2 Escort Rally Pack (Aussie Model) and I'm chasing a couple of parts to bring it back up to scratch. I understand some of these parts maybe Aus specific but no harm in trying! Parts required are as follows: - 1 x bumper overrider (refer to pic below) - 1 x Carello driving light, happy to purchase a pair if required - 1 x round headlight, I believe these are Lucas branded? Again, happy to purchase a pair if required - 4 x Volante 13 inch alloy wheels, ideally with centre caps (refer to pic below) If anyone happens to have any of these items and would be happy to part with them, please feel free to contact me here. I am willing to pay a fair price for any of the parts listed. Regards, Shane
  3. Oh the things I would do for those lights! 😍
  4. That's perfect, thanks mate.. I'll do a wanted to buy for all the bits I'm looking for and see how I go.
  5. Just the one mate. I have the one missing from the front (like brand new) it appears to have been removed to fit a CB radio antenna bracket under the driving light.. Can't say the same for the rear one, I have it too but it has succumbed to muntedness. That's the one I'm trying to replace.
  6. Thanks mate 👍 I'm well aware of that thread, it's actually how I found the forum while hunting for my own missing overrider..
  7. Yep, I was very lucky to be the one to get it.. I was on it within 40mins of the pic on FB going up, deposit followed right away. The only condition I had was I wanted to see more pics, by the time the pics came that afternoon there were 12 others in the queue after me if I didn't grab it. I'll keep an eye on ebay for the spots and other bits I'm after, thanks for the tip.. 👍 Oh and another pic from when it first seen the light of day in about 26 years.
  8. Hi Everyone, Just picked up my first Escort, it's been a bit of a life long dream to one day have an Orange 2 door and it's finally happened! Exact spec is a 1977 Rally Pack. A bit of history about the vehicle. It's a two owner car and was only recently pulled out of a shed where it had been sitting in Adelaide since about 1993. It obviously wasn't running at the time but a visit to a local classic Ford mechanic soon had this recitified, now purrs like a dream. The brake master cylinder was replaced but brakes are still extremely spongey, I'll get some new hoses and see if that fixes them up as current pedal feel doesn't fill me with much confidence. Wheels aside, it's totally original and will be restored to maintain its factory form. I have a few bits and pieces to track down, I'd be happy to hear of any leads on where I maybe able to find some hard to get bits.. Bits I'm looking for, Original Volante wheels x 4 as I have the spare wheel to make up the 5th - Pretty sure these are specific to Australia only. One bumper overrider. I know there are different types, mine has the ones with the clearly defined line around the edges. One headlight or happy to get a pair, preferably original. I think these are Lucas branded and have a little blue H4 logo in the middle of the lense. Finally, one spotlight or happy to buy as pair if required. Pretty sure these are Carello branded but not sure of model number or size etc. I'll add some more pics of it when I'm next at the shed tinkering away. Cheers, Shane
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