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  1. What a great weekend at the classic ford show; me and my eldest son Stuart took the Anglia. We had a great time on the strip on Saturday up until 8 o clock , some variety of cars on the track and walking round the pits, saw even more amazing ones. Had a chat with Jo, Kev, Kieran and Chris. Borrowed their compressor to get slicks on. On Sunday Kieran filmed a great vid of the car , a new PB, this will really help to see what to do next , (carpets and a paint job according to my wife!!) I'll get Stuart to put some pics up later. thanks to everyone .
  2. That looks really good Smudger , was that at York ? That car would be right up here with OSFDC now , what back axle and trans did you use ?
  3. Did the MK1 Escort used to be the Trevor Langfield car , that ran a rover v8 with the headers sticking out the bonnet ? do you have any more pics and spec on the car when you ran it with the pinto ?
  4. That's spot on Arfur , thanks mate I gave nearly all my old Classic Ford mags to my mate and now I need some info I was stuck .
  5. I'm looking for a back issue of Classic Ford , not too long ago, it had an article on lsd diffs explained , this was listed on the front cover . can anyone help?
  6. No problem Jo , I never knew that you done the reports for Classic Ford . How about that Escort do you have a wee bit of info on it ?
  7. Thanks mate , I'm not on Still retards but hopefully someone else on here might know some spec on the car .
  8. I was looking at this months Classic Ford mag feature on round 4 at Retro Show , a good write up and pics but there's a ratty looking mk2 Escort with no bonnet and a wheel up on launch. Does anyone have any info on the car ?
  9. That one fitted its a fine thread so all good , just need to take along to the local parts place to get a spare .
  10. Thanks for quick replys Col & Escort mk1v6 that's what I thought the one I have in the box is fine thread so I think its right , let you know tomorrow .
  11. Could anyone help me with a part number ive got an Escort quick rack and I think it may be mk1 , Its got Capri 2.8 front struts . I have a Hi Drive box with part number RE 0503 does this look right ?
  12. Thanks mate , the main reason I'm sticking with 14 inch dia is the stud pattern is 114.3 x 5 and the rims are slot mags for a Australian Granada that have a lot of backspace otherwise I would go for a13 inch slick like a lot of the osf racers .
  13. Im needing a pair of 14inch drag slicks , I was running a pair of 225 x14 Toyo 888 , they were just a bit wide and just cleared the back inner arch . At the strip but was told I was wasting my time and need slicks can anyone suggest where to try ?
  14. That's what I thought , my car is out of first gear very quick , so should I be able to get under the 2.0 second 60ft with a gear change ?
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