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  1. Anyone interested ? Just give me a clue on numbers please
  2. The 2nd Hook Scouts invite you to join us for the 2nd Custom car and Classic Car Show on 21st May 2016 from midday until 5pm We had a lot of yanks and rods last year ,so can we get some Fords there please . No pre entry required , just arrive by 11.30am please Address is King Edwards Recreation Ground ,Hook Road ,Chessington, KT9 1PL As long as your car is older than 1995 your welcome ,its a great little event for all the family .
  3. Scruffy white Transit was seen here in Chessington eyeing up one of mine in daylight covered too. Removed the cover and whilst the driver was chatting to a neighbour They got distrubed and cars now relocated . They were of Irish decent and i was told its likely they are selling to banger boys to highest bidders !!
  4. I went stayed a couple of hours but there wasnt many cars there ,still got the old girl a run out . Still amazes me how some you drive ,a number of people commented on the cars leaving ,its only a matter of time before something nasty happens .
  5. We have a job available ,must be experienced and have at least 5 years in similar role Ata preferred but consider all interested parties Weekday hours 8- 5.30 Please call me on 01483 715522 Based In Woking,Surrey
  6. I will add mine later ,but did anyone have any as mine seemed a bit rough Did you think the show was good ? Personally think it was well done on visitors from years gone by , car park seemed very empty , presume the weather put people off
  7. Terrible news ,my thoughts for those involved
  8. Malden Manor School ,New Malden is looking for at least 5 Osf type cars for a classic car show this saturday between 11-3 . Is there anyone available from the south London posse? Please text me on 07711 008951
  9. Had loads of fun filming that, great day out and best of all, found myself driving and acting, well sort off! Give it a chance lads
  10. Not a bad way to loose an hour, wtf is a bass street racer, cock! " This cars mean" cock! 23 K is more than i thought it would make, prices leveling out now
  11. I got there at 8 am from Horsham entrance, no problems at all and 15 mins to get out once I'd told Marshall where I wanted to go! Dunsfold nearly cancelled the show on Thursday, show field was a lot smaller than I'd expected, I missed all the cars in car park. Lack of communication was order of the day, organised chaos There is some very pissed off rodders and yank owners, that said if you got in then it was good. Organisers have taken some stick over this, I'm sure in due course there will be an apology. Ssr have organised this with only 15 members and volunteers , I gather security was from Dunsfold. Personally think they need a venue with much better access, Dunsfold is way too small and one runway was kept open for emergencies for Gatwick ( it has too) I'm going to be talking to organisers soon as I think they need some help for next year, anyone who would like to volunteer pm me
  12. Sadly there's no money to be made respraying cars to a high standard anymore unless your doing high end stuff like ferraris etc.Overheads, business rates and paint cost are killing many off. A good repaint will cost more than 3k espically if your doing a colour change
  13. Welcome mate I own three mk2s, lovely to see another one on here
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