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  1. Hi chums I have fitted a black top zetec into my car and I have bought weber 45's it. I just wondered what ignition only kit people are using? I was thinking of Omex 200 and do they do a zetec loom? What are you guys running? Cheers Al
  2. I will tell you mike as that's sat in my garage! Lol Will check in morning mate
  3. 15's don't look right Mike, I run 9x13's on my stuff and they look spot on
  4. A good friend of mine sent some roll tops to them and was told 2 weeks..... 6 months later he got them!! Called them many times and was given lots of excuses, even said they had been dispatched but to wrong address and they were waiting for them to be returned etc!! My mate drove to them in the end and gave them a bit of an ultimatum.. He got his seats but was sick of it
  5. Copper was the actual name of the colour, It was down as 7 on the Vin Tag. Very rare though as was discontinued very early 1976. Roman bronze superseded it and was available almost all the MK2's life as an option.
  6. I used one of these kits and the result...poor in all fairness. I had all my components blasted and did everything the kit instructions stated, it all looked ok but what a hassle and the finish does not last long before it started to oxidise again. Best thing to do is take it all to the professionals and spend the money, I dropped a whole load off such as springs, catches, bolts etc and it cost less than £90! Cheers Al
  7. As Terry says, there are so many factors that make them range from 6k to £30k so it's hard to value them on pictures alone.
  8. Looks like SAG998W... Was for sale early last year for around 9.5k if memory serves me correct? It never used to have the satin back panel as she is a base model.
  9. Congratulations tho you both!
  10. Will give you a call in morning mate! Cheers Al
  11. I need a MK2 escort wiring loom, engine bay/dash. Must be a good unmolested loom as it's for my Cossack car. Cheers Al
  12. Hi Mark or Darren I am needing a engine bay/dash loom for a MK2 escort. RHD Would prefer x/flow loom but will be modifying it for Zetec install. Cheers Al
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