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  1. A few months ago I bought a pair of adjustable abutment struts, with top adjustable Gas inserts, I had them delivered to my sisters as she lives about 2 mins away from the seller, eventually they got to me, when I have them home, I noticed they have fixed steering arms? they do look like escort ones, what are the bearing sizes on the stubs? just to check if I have Big or Small bearing struts
  2. Thats because its a Kin....... MAZDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mazda CAROL 360
  3. I dont fancy my chances, but does anybody have a Raceline water rail for a Zetec/st170 that they dont require?
  4. I picked up a pair of singles the other week, no sure how to tell, does anybody know the distance from the front eye, to the locating pin, it seems a bit short to me, and perhaps the unloaded eye to eye distance.
  5. Have wide 13" tires disappeared, seems the widest I can find are 205s, 215 or 225 would be good, is there a secret supply/supplier somewhere
  6. I know its been asked before, BUT, Im looking for a Single Vernier for my ST170, Has anybody got a single one or a pair lurking somewhere unloved? AND I'm looking for a Sierra CVH starter motor in working condition, anything out there?, lucas LRS707
  7. Might be a easy one, Im looking for a 105e drivers side window regulator
  8. Im looking for a front bowl Zetec sump to suit a Mk1 Cortina or Anglia with standard steering
  9. I have asked all over the place about this, and indeed if you ignore the 3 small wires, you can just run the single feed wire direct to the charging circuit, often the starter live terminal, the alternator appears to be self exciting, so it will charge, however, it wont control a charge light. so you need to run a volt meter. Alternators are load sensitive, so, if you don't need 100 amps you wont get 100 amps, so the engine is not loading up against the alternator. weight its better to run something like a Kubota or Brise, but at the moment its on a budget. so the BIG alternator stays, unless I can bolt the 17ACR that is in the car at the moment in the place of the 170 one.
  10. OK, I have a ST170 with a smart alternator, I want to run it in a 60s ford, so I want to run the alternator as a DUMB alternator, how do you do it?
  11. Welcome, The venerable Classic Capri, interesting, as I am just in the process of gong down the route of ST170/zetec in my 315, 2 door,
  12. With my new project, an early 60s ford, The dash top has the Vacuum formed plastic over a foam and steel core, It has the typical Vinyl cracking, a couple that are quite a big 5mm wide, these dash tops are rearer than the rocking horse excrement, so, It needs to be repaired, it will need filling and recovering with a suitable stretch vinyl, searching the new, elastic fillers for this seem to be few and far between, my thoughts are now heading towards Sikkaflex, as I intend to recover, the grain does not need to be replicated, so I am just using it as a elastic filler........ Your thought gentlemen please
  13. Im looking for a front Nose/front bearing retainer (the bit that the release bearing fits over) for a type 9, anything out there thats not silly money?.
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