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  1. Mk3 cortina steering wheel wanted please
  2. I've got a set of seats from an alfa some minor mods req I'd imagine(not finished welding my mk1 yet) got the pair for 60 quid a bargain for comfy black leather supportive seats Sent from my VOG-L29 using Tapatalk
  3. Im looking for a recon pair of heads or a decent complete engine 07713958011
  4. https://www.bwlchgwernog.com/ fantastic holiday cottage very near to some amazing driving roads
  5. Transit just needs the ceiling and walls cladding in timber was supposed to have a mate come give me a hand as im crap at woodwork but then lockdown happened im hoping totm happens next year would be great to bring it down to that, even better if i can get the escort finished too but thats a very tall order lol getted totm not happening this year 😞
  6. Ive heard mgb lock fit with some minor modifications πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  7. Pesteted my brother to do something with this car for years so in the end i brought it off him as you can see my old man was more than willing to help fetch itπŸ˜‚ finally got it home, unloading it off the trailer was interesting, fettled around a bit welding the engine bay then modified a 2.8 capri axle to fit, fitted the front suspension, and test fitted the wheels i tjink they'll look good dropped the I4 engine and t9 gearbox in today so i can get building the trans tunnel and make sure everything fits and thats where im up to so far
  8. There is also the problem of the country making enough electricity i read somewhere that at present the uk is running at max and we're using 90-95% of that so where is the power going to come from?
  9. Ive been seeing lots of stories in the media of folk changing their beloved classics in to battery powered, personally there is no way NO WAY i will ever do that what are your thoughts on this and on boris' plans in 2030?
  10. I have a set of new ones, i dont think theyre genuine ford but look brand new to me
  11. Im after a good condition drivers door for a mk3 cortina if anyone can help please
  12. Ive got a 5 speed box from a transit
  13. Is anybody going to the nec in November and is osf planning on having a stand?
  14. My mk2 transit still has work to do my mk2 cortina is still on the spit my mk5 cortina needs tinkering with and my xr4x4 is making a funny noise so why have i just gone and got this πŸ™„
  15. My very talented step daughter has painted my mk5 tina from a photo from the last totm i think its fantastic thought id share
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