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  1. Cheers for the reply's. My escort is blue but I have no idea which blue it is! Brilliant thanks for that @Vista ill get investigating
  2. Hi, Has anyone got a list of colour codes for the early mk1 up to 1970? I'm after a blue and I believe there is a few. Also need the character for the vin plate (old style) if anyone can help. Cheers.
  3. After a place where you can buy some 13" wheels barrels if anyone knows of one? I want to machine my own wheels and having both the barrels would make it so much easier! Cheers
  4. Standard, Any condition considered. Thanks
  6. Ah ok, ive just been using it in my phones internet browser anyway which is fine!
  7. Probably thousands of posts about this.. but i can't see where to create a signature when i click edit on my profile. Can anyone help? 😇
  8. Did you manage to get it working? I also cant post using tapatalk and have to do it on my work computer 😅
  9. That's sweet, loads better looking that the originals. Can you remember the company you got it from?
  10. yeah it is, i presumed it would fit! I take it the plastic ones are bigger then
  11. I'm so far away in my build from even looking at this but i have a bee in my bonnet! I've bought an escort owners manual and a new folder. But the folder is too small for the book, anyone know if ford made a bigger folder or anything? If i cant find one ill get one made, thats how much its annoying me! 😂😅
  12. Pooley


    Cheers will have a look! Seen a couple of mickbilt on the escort
  13. Pooley


    Ah I forgot all about project binky! They take so long to put a video out! Really good channel though, I’ll have a look at the rest thanks!
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