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  1. As promised here are some pictures of my Mexico during the rebuild. More to followw
  2. Your not wrong it wasn't that long ago if you knew the right ones you still could . But then the money went up and all the cheap bits disappeared only to turn up at auto jumbles for double the price!
  3. I've also bought a fair few parts from him all good no problems, actually looking at buying some other parts soon .
  4. Hi so is anyone going to be at brands hatch this weekend for the Ford live event? Should be good.
  5. good to see someone else joining the oldskool cause!
  6. Cheers hopefully it'll be done in the not too distant future, the engine is going to get a freshen up and the running gear checked over but to be honest it's all pretty good since it hasn't done anything since being rebuilt or replaced at the last strip down,may add one or two extras this time though see how far the budget stretches!
  7. At the moment it's being bare metal repaired and painted with various new panels and and some minor repairs being done , hopefully ready for next summer.
  8. Hi Clive good to have another new member join the cause
  9. hi could be worth doing id be interested although me car is still in bits so it would be my daily this time
  10. These images are of my Mexico starting from when I bought it in1983 to its first respray (not happy),I decided to fit new roof skin to lose the sunroof , strip interior and rebuild and up rate the engine most of which is being redone more pictures to follow !
  11. Hi hopefully should have some pics posted soon, got some but trying to dig some more out!
  12. Hello glad to hear some positive feedback about princess calipers as I'm thinking of using these myself. Had a mate years ago who had them on a rally escort who thought they were the nuts , just a bit heavy.
  13. Hi, yeh I've had it a while I'll dig out some snaps and post 'em up, got some of it as bought and in bare metal before the bodywork began and with the new skin put on etc.
  14. Hello I'm Dave aka tubbs just getting back to the oldskoolford world ,I own a 1973 MK1 Mexico diamond White which is currently being restored and mildly modified hopefully back on the road early next year. I've owned the car long enough to remember buying it when they were almost cheap, so quite a while looking forward to doing some shows and meets and maybe a track day but mostly just getting it back on the road .
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