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  1. Hi, I have the 701M blocks, but they are not for sale in the short term sorry, I will have a massive sort out this coming summer 2022 as I have now retired and will be sorting out what I am going to actually do with my projects, and will ultimately sell off all that I will not use, this will then fund my "Keeping projects". I would guess the 701M, 771M, 122E, & 681F blocks will be surplus to my wants, sorry I cannot assist at this point in time. Regards Al.
  2. Hi all, It is a bit of a Minefield this one, I have some new Girling Servos for Escort MK2,s, two different sizes, one fits the RS/Mexico cars, the others fit the 1600 Sports/Ghia,s, both are different in diameter, but both are Girling, I also have a couple of new ATE master cylinders, and the ATE master cylinders will fit on the Girling servos as the PCD of the studs on the servo,s is the same as the PCD of the mounting holes on the pair of ATE master cylinders I have, so it is a hit & miss situation. I can only guess that it is possible that certain ATE cylinders may well have a different PCD and some will fit and others may not. !!??.
  3. They are MEGGA money new, I have only come across 2 car sets in over 30 years collecting, and are a pain to fit without damaging them, even the black later trim is like Gold Hens Teeth.
  4. Sod the cars mate, I really hope your Mum gets better real soon, and your ok as well, you can have a hundred brand new Escort MK1's & 2's, worth £ millions, but you only have One Mum & One Dad, I miss both of mine every second of every day, look after your self mate, fingers crossed and all that. Al.
  5. Hi, Sorry, they have already gone into the bin, they were in the way and nobody seemed interested for the first 2 months, shame, they were very nice, but no use to me.
  6. I agree with you on all that, Pinto engines do require an oil that does contain ZDP additives to prevent cam lobe & cam follower foot print wear, a lot of synthetics reduce ZDP content as ZDP is not very good for DPF,s my reason for sticking with a good quality mineral oil designed for engines of that period. I do believe the "TWINK" engine will leak like a sieve on synthetics, I have never owned one, but that was the talk in the early days of people trying to swap over from mineral to synthetic "BREWS" of oil, I do like Classic Castrol GTX products, but I also only do less than 10 miles in all my classics over the last 20 years, just trailer Queens, I know, its a waste, but the roads are to full of idiots.
  7. For me, I like good quality Mineral 20/50 motor oil, say the likes of Valvoline, Castrol GTX, Duckhams Q, even Halfords do a range of classic oils, I keep away from the modern Synthetics & semi-synthetics, the good old crossflow had never been designed to use them, so I dont bother with them. To keep your crossflow healthy, I personally would stick to plain old 20/50 but change it every 3000 miles along with the filter, when I was using a crossflow everyday a few years back as my daily driver, I would put in 15/40 for the winter/cold months, just to give the motor a bit more of a lube in the cold mornings when the oil was thick and gloppy, it also took a little bit of load off the starter motor for cold starting, there are folks that would steer you to a modern synthetic, but its not for my.
  8. A brand new roll of chrome windscreen locking trim, Ford - 1547968 £50.00 plus post. North Wales.
  9. The jets in a weber carb are a totally different size as are the emulsion tubes between a 1600 & 2000 Pinto engine, that is why Ford state a engineering number 711F-9510_FB for a 1600 crossflow and 71HF 9510 DA for 2000 Pinto & 71HF 9510 BA for 1600 GT Pinto , jet & emulsion tubes totally different between the three carbs.
  10. 711F-9510-FB is original fitment on a 1600 GT Crossflow, so if it was going on a 2000 Pinto the jetting would be all wrong to start with.
  11. Wow, £60k, so what would this be worth now !!??, came up for sale in 2017 in Cornwall, one owner, under 4K miles, 1976 Escort MK2 Mexico on "R" plate, owner was looking for £45k NO OFFERS, but it never sold and I believe is still for sale or available at least.
  12. Hi, Could not get first post to let me upload pictures, here is the MK2 Escort Radio, in the holder is a Ford P-32 & in second picture is the Ford/Blaupunkt P-42. The pictures DO NOT DO IT JUSTICE, they are as NEW.
  13. I have for sale, the complete under dash radio & mounting box, dash mount speaker removed from my 1976 Ford escort MK2 Mexico. In very-very clean condition, radio is the very rare & sought after Ford/Blaupunkt P-42, 4 band, which has MW, LW, SW, & FM, in very good condition, been in the car since late 1977. Speaker is the Genuine Ford front under windscreen type, it has some very minor tears in the cone that have been repaired with hot glue melt & still plays as new. Quite sought after items now, especially the Ford/Blaupunkt P-42 radio. Can send Whatsapp video of it in working order, but has already been removed, but I can set it back up in the car to play. Any questions please ask. £250.00 plus post or collection from North Wales.
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