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  1. I had a set of corbeaux buckets when I got the car. They had runners which I was able to fit to the feet on the rs turbo seats. The runners were then bolted to the floor in the car. Had to drill out new holes though. They do sit quite close to the door though. I'll get pics tomorrow but car is currently on axle stands as half shafts and diff is out getting a rebuild (long story)
  2. Good morning all. I'm considering lowering my car and checking first to see if anyone has any old stock laying around before buying something new. Im running a mk1 Mexico replica with the bubble arches and capri 2.8 bilstein struts on the front. Currently I have about 6" between my front wheel and bottom of arch so need to get this looked at. Ideally I'd like a 2" lowering kit on the rear (or a 1" kit with the poly blocks) and a 3" drop on the front. Let me know if you have anything to help me out.
  3. Looks wise I don't think there is a lot of difference. Price is starting to creep up so get in quick if you want them. A quick ebay search revealed a few pairs. Some standard, some upholstered. Im running escort rs turbo seats in my mk1 and can't say enough good things about them. Other than maybe sitting a little high but that could be due to my slide runners
  4. Got her back today in time for my first run tomorrow. I'm so happy!
  5. Power seems low and torque seems high so actual driving will need done to see what the car feels like.
  6. This happened yesterday..... Car sounds epic running. Just need the bonnet back on, few minor things reattached then fluid levels checked then ready for the road. The garage guys are not out and out tuners so we made 146bhp and 265Nm. I'll get a picture later. I need to go to a bespoke tuning place to unlock the full power the car has as they aren't sure why we are not making the full power expected. Cant wait to hit the road though! 20210803_162818.mp4
  7. Thats a serious amount of work. Fair play!
  8. Im totally delighted with the fact the car starts up! I wasn't up this week so no new pics but, been chatting to the lads who have been tinkering away. Basically all is needed now is to sort out a spark issue on cylinder 1. They think it's the coil pack so new 1 ordered. Once that is sorted its onto the rolling road so sort out the map and see if we can run it! I'm hoping to have big progress report this week as there is a drive out I'm registered for in 9 days!
  9. I was thinking you might have rolled the arches! Freshened up well there.
  10. First video of the engine running. Still needs set up correctly but I'm getting closer to actually driving it! VID-20210722-WA0000.mp4
  11. Saying its been in the family since new keeping it standard is a must. Matching numbers car and all that! A bit of TLC, a few shiny bits here and there and you will have a stunning motor with loads of family memories. Welcome to the club!
  12. Thats a serious amount of work. Well done!
  13. I'd go FWD Street sleeper. Definitely a Zetec or ST170 conversion and keep the outside of the car stock looking. It's a cracking looking motor so fair play to you guys for rescuing it.
  14. Ian, I've went down the Dan ST engineering route for the throttle bodies. They are from a kawasaki zx9r I believe and are 45mm running on 300cc injectors. They come with the manifold and full fitting kit for around £695. Other people run ZX6R throttle bodies which are 40mm. Getting the manifold to mount the throttle bodies is the big expense. The exhaust manifold is from retro Ford and is their cheaper version which, I think, is a copy. Its 4 into 1 and is 2.5". I'm running the ME 221 engine management system which will.control the VVT and I've also mounted a vernier pulley on the exhaust cam.
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