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  1. Yes the brakes worked really well prior to my replacing the half shaft bearings. Ever since then I've had to pump the pedal to get good brake feel. Bled the brakes several times but can't seem to get rid of that spongy feel. It's possible some air has got trapped in the cylinder on the bias pedal box so I'll maybe try pressurising the system to see if I can blow that out.
  2. Ok folks, I currently run sierra calipers on solid discs on the back of my mk1. Standard English axle. I currently have terrible back brakes as it looks like my caliper is bent so when the brake pedal is pressed the caliper tries to straighten, reducing the braking effect. I need to pump pedal 3 times or so to get decent feel. I've bled the brakes numerous times but can't get any air out so hopefully air isn't the issue. Anyway, can anyone recommend a direct replacement, upgraded caliper from the sierra caliper? Not worried about handbrake cables as I'm going to go hydraulic handbrake. My current handbrake cable rubs on the prop shaft so eliminating that will save me an annoying noise. Thanks in advance!
  3. I recently done the ST170 conversion. I wasn't able to do it myself so a garage did it. Parts alone for the conversion and then fuelling ran to over £4000. It's not a cheap thing but, you're probably able to do a lot yourself!
  4. Thanks for the comments guys! I have the car booked into the body shop for the winter. Going back to bare metal for some minor rust treatment (he says before seeing what's under the paint). Windows removed and hopefully new seals fitted all round. Doing the engine bay as well so good few months work ahead. Then I should have a really clean orange Mk1 escort. Don't forget, it's only a pretend Mexico, not a real one!
  5. Decided to head out for a spin. Dry and hot with no sign of rain.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. Just seems typical for Ireland, prices are always that bit higher than anywhere else 👍
  7. https://www.donedeal.ie/vintagecars-for-sale/ford-fiesta-xr2/30872099 Guys, I don't know anything about fiestas. This car might be known by some of you as its been magazine featured. Is it on the money or not?
  8. Ended up getting a run home on a lorry. Car died out as fuel pump stopped working. A bit of investigation and I found the metal remains of 2 of my fuses in the main fuse box. The plastic surrounding the fuses had melted leaving the metal fully intact. Bit worrying, so car was dropped off outside an auto electrician yesterday evening. I'll get speaking to him first thing today as got a big run starting on Thursday that I need to be ready for!
  9. I'm heading to the Northern Ireland RS owners club meet today. Polished the girl up before I set off!
  10. Best of luck with the sale and I hope your back improves.
  11. Useful information so far guys. I reckon I'll stick with an everyday style pad which would suit the way I drive the car. Thanks all!
  12. Ok guys, just want an idea of what you fellas use on your motors. I've just picked up a new set of solid drilled and grooved discs that a local rally driver ordered by mistake. Im running M16 calipers so was wondering what the best combination of disc and pad is? I don't do track days and wouldn't say I'm a 'fast' road driver.
  13. Im on capri 2.8 struts so I assume bilstein inserts. The springs are 145lb so not firm at all. Actually quite a nice ride given I've got a zetec up front. Car was much higher before I put the springs in.
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