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  1. These are the wheels, thanks Vista was easier than i thought
  2. As the title, 2 x 15" 7j compomotive FH 2 piece split rims with brand new 195 45 15 tyres 2 x 15" 8j?? Compomotive FH 3 piece split rims with used but good 195 50 15 tyres Not 100% sure on the width of the rears but were remade as a 3 piece to widen them. Centers are currently painted orange but wouldnt cost a lot to have them re done a different colour. Dont know how to add pics on here so message me and il send you some pics buy whatsapp or email Looking for £650 collection only from Essex 07834999161 Thanks Dan
  3. Would be best for me to sell in one lot rather than split it im affraid
  4. Forgot to mention type 9 gearbox comes with it, decided to drop price to £3000 all in to fund another project
  5. As topic, 2.1 pinto for sale spec as follows: WPE big valve head HT1 cam with HD kent rockers Isky valve springs Wossner forged pistons machined to suit engine spec - 11.4-1 comp ratio (approx) Cosworth YB rods Stock crank Steel lightweight flywheel Standard clutch - will need uprating as it slips slightly Twin 45 webber carbs brand new Bestek electronic ignition Ashley big bore manifold Looking for £3500 only covered approx 300miles I have dyno sheet and a video on dyno. Engine runs lumpy around town due to the cam thats in it but when cam comes in it pulls like a train - if its going to be used all the time to pop tescos etc might want to chuck a milder cam in. Engine is still in the car so can be heard running etc Based in burnham on crouch, essex 07834999161 Dan
  6. It's original cossy 205 block and yes I believe it's standard bore
  7. Forgot to mention engine would also make for a very responsive high torque turbo engine with low boost if that's what you want.
  8. Located in Wickford Can deliver locally (try me) Thanks Dan
  9. Reluctantly please see items below for sale, Atmo YB cosworth engine - built by WPE Re profiled WPE spec cams Head work by Wayne at WPE Cossy rods Cossy crank Flat top Pistons Lightweight flywheel 5 paddle clutch Unsure of the potential BHP figure as it's not been set up on the rollers yet, does run and can be heard running before removal from the car £4000 New twin 48 weber carbs on YB manifold £750 105 speed stainless steel exhaust manifold £300 bestek electronic ignition £250 Will sell all the above as a package for £5200 Tran x 18t LSD with 3.5 ratio for english axle (escort flange) £500 T5 cosworth gearbox with B&M quick shifter £500
  10. Im ready to rumble! road legal and all sorts! been busy busy! Need to run engine in on rollers if I ever get the time to go to waynes if not il be doing loads of slow passes on the Sat and flat out on the Sunday!
  11. I'm ready just need to run the engine in on Wayne's rollers, few power runs on low boost then I'm good to go can't wait
  12. Yeah be good to see you at shakey, il be there! Launching at about 4500rpm Fab work was a trial really but works really well, running anglia English axle, tran x 18t shafts and a 3.5 tran x slipper, short home made ladder bars mounted in original front spring mounts, coil overs 180lb springs
  13. Essexboy


    Will cost me twice as much to come racing now with all the 'sweetening up' gifts etc lol
  14. Essexboy


    Thank you! Luckily I got the car done first Terry or it would never have got finished
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