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  1. Very few I'd expect, though by that time there will be kits allowing this for minimal cost. I'd not worry about it.
  2. Hi guys, I'm going to look at this tomorrow: (old pic) Anyone know of the car, its history or know how to tell if it is a real one or not? Rear valance buldge I know about. Thanks, Jon
  3. Hi guys, Could anyone give me an indication to value of this please: mk3 1.6 Ca pri laser. 150k, fairly uptogether but with No MOT. Needs a bit of welding - everything is there and it has three previous owners. Last on the road ~ 1 year ago. Not sure what these go for these days? Thanks,
  4. ticker bike pump here, they stop 'ticking' when floats are full. Running a 200bhp pinto, no problem fueling it.
  5. Hi, Looking at 993's or maybe build a sport quattro replica. Not sure. The car is edging it's way more and more for sale as I start to comprehend hot having it. It would be for sale for between 20 and 22k. I'd seriously consider a 3rd cossie at this stage also.
  6. Yes thanks, seen that. Quite fancy a 911 now. hmm
  7. Hi, I am thinking of selling my mk1 escort, time for a change perhaps. Not sure... I've had the car ~10 years, total rebuild in its time, on a spit, painted in le mans green. It is mint, with no rust whatsoever. Everything has been done properly on the car, no corners cut. ~1 year old 195 (ish) 2.1 litre all forged steel pinto built by AP Racing engines of Nottingham. WCXM, HPE manifold and longlife custom 2.5" stainless exhaust fitted 3 weeks back.. Coilovers, decambered springs, poly bushed, quick rack, twin 45's, Betek ignition, MSD Ignition parts, 5 speed type 9, rebuilt slipper diff by Diff Andy at Arrow engineering, full SD cage, seam welded blah blah blah etc etc etc. The car has had everything done to it. Don't need to sell it (I know everyone says that but I really do not). I was just rolling road'd 2 weeks back ready for the summer. ...I quite fancy a Sierra 3 door Cosworth... Maybe. Or if someone wanted to buy it from me maybe I would consider an older 911/Aston Martin/Ferrari. What do you think she is worth guys?
  8. Hi thanks. The hose on there is 10mm ID. Happy to buy some expensive hose, just not able to find any
  9. Hi guys, I need to replace some rubber hose (which was bought as supporting brake fluid) that are sweating brake fluid :-/ This wil lbe the 2nd time I have had to replace these pipes, they are not under pressure, simply fitter to two barbed fittings for the bias brake pedal box res to the box. Can anyone suggest where I can get 10-12mm ID rubber type flexible pipe which I can use for these push on fittings. eBay does not appear to be listing anything that supports brake fluid. Thanks, J
  10. It is okay Most 2 doors looks nicer than 4 doors in my opinion, each to their own though as you have just shown It is a Dodge Dart, 1968 with a 400 big block V8. It is the width of a mondeo but 5 meters long :-/ One more for you
  11. 2 dr anything is better than 4 door... ...For looks, maybe not for shopping. 2dr's for the win.
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