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  1. http://www.oldskoolford.co.uk/ipb/index.php?/store/
  2. We have already got our tickets as we purchased the classic ford/ford fest combo tickets. Guess we will have to park up in the run what you brung pits
  3. This is the same date as round 5 of OSFDC Brett [emoji6]
  4. Saturday is RWYB so £25 for unlimited runs Saturday night 5.30pm - 8pm is ford cars only racing and £10 for unlimited runs Sunday is £20 for 4 runs, as Neil said if its not that busy it can change to unlimited runs for an extra £5.
  5. oddball

    Xmas plans.

    The Corsair has had nothing done to it since we purchased it other than a quick clean due to a lot going on this year [non car related] and not having any spare time or much space to work on it ;( We have now got an engine and hopefully between working on the Escort and Fiesta it will be up and running next year or else I will sell it!
  6. Not sure but Nicky does not look very impressed lol
  7. Was a great evening full of banter and lots of laughter
  8. We are indeed doing the 3 days, makes it a bit more of a relaxing weekend
  9. The wifi is on even when the cafe is closed
  10. Santa pod has wifi connection at the main cafe in the pit area, it does not have a very wide range though
  11. I love the use of the models for the parking demo are you doing one for the main stand too?
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