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  1. What a bunch of wan*ers, stealing from fellow scene members that's disgusting.
  2. Looks great and of course the best colour.
  3. Good call, I should have added that. They don't have any preference as to which old Ford, they just want a retro ride with an old Ford.
  4. I've got a mate who's making the mistake of getting married next year and wants to get from the church in the centre of Bath, to the reception just on the outskirts in a classic ford, the weddings on the 9th June 2012 and if anyone can help it would be much appreciated. They will obviously pay for fuel, costs etc and some more for your time as I know they'll understand the effort involved and your time given up to help. If anyone can help, can you PM me and I'll forward on your details.
  5. I'll be going mate, but with NWCF so I guess we'll meet you at the Ponderosa. That road looks the dogs...........I couldn't believe it when aled posted it up.
  6. 1. POSSE ONE STAND PASS X2 TICKETS 2. lotusless one stand pass x2 tickets 3. Baz105e 1 stand pass 2 tickets 4. SebringRS 1 Stand Pass, x3 tickets 5. Banarama 1 stand pass & 1 ticket 6. Pete 1 stand pass only if possible. 7. Tall Paul 1 Stand pass x2 Tickets 8. rallyesport04 1 stand pass and 1 ticket 9. Tilbrook 1 stand pass x2 tickets 10. Leadfoots 1 stand pass / 2 x Tickets 11. Big_man 1 stand pass, 1 x ticket 12. caprinerd 1 stand pass and tickets TBA at the mo till i get a defo 13. ox 1 stand pass 14. RossMK2 1 stand pass ill update for tickets asap 15. Willsy 1x ticket 1x stand pass 16. NickB 1 stand pass & 2 tickets 17. Baileymex 1 x Ticket / 1 x Stand Pass 18. 105ESteve 1 x Ticket / 1 x Stand pass 19. MEXY867M X3 stand passes thanks 20. Deltamal x 1 Ticket - 1 x stand pass 21. 100edave x 3 ticket & 2 stand passes 22. scootlife 1 stand pass and 2 tickets please 23. mattsbmw 1 stand pass and 2 tickets please 24. Fezza 1x stand pass and 1x ticket 25. Harrier Ian 1 stand pass and 1 ticket please. 26. Fiesta Steve 2x stand pass & 3 tickets please. 27. Glenbo 1x stand pass & 2 tickets please. 28. mk1rob 1x stand pass & 1 ticket please. 29. Crazy Charlie , X1 stand pass , X2 tickets please 30. JP. (Dutch chapter)2 x stand pass, no tickets. 31. Cos30 1 stand pass , 1 ticket please 32. O_H_C 1 stand pass and 1 ticket 33. James G , X1 stand pass , X2 tickets please 34. 4DOOR-SHERWOOD x1 stand pass and x1 ticket please 35. jamie956, 2x stand pass please 36. popeye x2 1 Stand pass. 37. Stu 1x stand pass, 3 x tickets please 38. Mk 1 Helen 1x stand pass and 1x ticket please 39. KJ 1320 1x stand pass and 2x tickets please 40. leecccmk1 1x stand pass & 2 x tickets please 41. Unclebuck 1x Stand pass and 1 x ticket please
  7. He just needs a decent lump in it now and it'll like it looks!
  8. That was a conversation I had with Pete, the previous owner, I think it would look much better with wide Minilite style alloys. Go for it. Just my humble opinion though!
  9. I thought I'd throw a few of mine in for good measure......... I've lost the bloody disk with the rest of them on....... balls. I'll post them up if I find it.
  10. Roll on the tour. Not long now mate, I'm really looking forward to it. Plenty of tomorrow night!!!
  11. Any one taken up the offer of the finance quote under the ad , or are you all cash buyers!!!!!!
  12. PM Murdoch, he's a bufty boy with a clean MK2 van and loads of pictures that may help. I know you wanted Mk1, but they may help as reference points.
  13. I was going to use them to replace most of the external trim and rubbers for my Escort, which I won't be doing now. So in essence by keeping your £70 he's lost a sale for double that and some. I wouldn't rest until you get your hard earned cash back and I agree with what others have said about using the forum's to air your views and explain the damage to his business that this will cause.
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