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  1. Just wondered what bhp I can reliably achieve from a 1.3 xflow supercharged. Engine has low compression pistons and looking for around 10psi of boost.
  2. just wondering if anyone has a fibreglass flip front for a mk1 escort or know if anyone can supply a new one. preferably with bubble arches.
  3. I need to repair spring hangers first. I'm using 60mm box section cut down as it's stronger. That's my starting point. The secret is to tack everything on and then work forwards. I've got laser levels set up both ways to help keep it straight and true. If all else fails I have a large wheelie bin to put it all in. 😆 🤣 😂
  4. Nope. I have ordered all panels so all it will take is plenty of time. 😆
  5. The more I do the less there is. Lol
  6. This is the not so good side. Where there's a will there's a body. Lol happy new year.
  7. Only have the one. It will be the spare wheel if I get that far or live that long. Lol
  8. I have ordered panels. Floor, inner wings, bulkhead, chassis rails etc. Putting big wings on it. Was going for 2.0 pinto but quite fancy 1300 supercharged just to be a little different. I have a blank canvas really 😳
  9. It's a lot worse than in the picture.
  10. Ayup. I'm another newbe from up north. I used to repair mk1 escorts in my youth. Then decided 20yrs ago to forget them as they were getting too expensive. Then out of the blue I have bought a very cheap 1300 gt. It's a basket case but I think i have one last car in me before its too late so here goes nothing. Ps I'm now 60yrs old.
  11. What about the people up north. Anything for us ?
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