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  1. In the OSFDC we look to improve on each season and listen to all feedback from our current and past competitors plus people who just follow the series! We've had some great seasons over the years more recently with the re-introduction of round sponsors in 2017 plus the addition of Mk2 Fiestas and Mk3 Escorts. For the 2019 season, we are making our biggest change yet as will be welcoming all British Ford models that were in production BEFORE 1990. This includes Mk3 Fiestas, Sierras, Mk1/2 Orions & Mk4 Escorts as we’ve had lots of interest from owners of these vehicles in past years and this decision will allow the OSFDC to grow even bigger than before. Also Classic Ford Magazine will continue to cover the OSFDC next year and since the magazine caters for these models we feel it’s only right we do too! Please note that while we are a part of the Old Skool Ford club/forum which is celebrating it's 15th birthday in 2019, OSF the club continues with it's original status of catering for models in production before 1980 and this will not change. It is just the OSFDC off-shoot that is accommodating these newer models.
  2. Thanks to our round sponsors - Brands Hatch Performance have put up vouchers to be used in their shop (www.shopbhp.com) for the top three at Round 2! 1st Place - £60 voucher 2nd Place - £40 voucher 3rd Place - £20 voucher To be eligible for these vouchers you must be running a Brands Hatch Performance sticker on each side of your vehicle for the entire weekend which will be provided when you sign on with us.
  3. Now into our 12th consecutive season, the much anticipated return to Shakespeare County Raceway takes place over their Spring Madness RWYB weekend on April 8th/9th! Our entry fee remains the same at £5 and this year there are plenty of prizes up for grabs throughout the season! It's worth noting that whether you're in a 10 second cossie powered Escort or a 18 second 1.1 Fiesta you all stand the same chance at winning. The key to the OSFDC is consistency and good reaction times! Classic Ford Magazine will continue to cover each and every round this year, so you may just see your pride and joy in the UKs best selling Ford magazine! The following prizes will be awarded at Round One - 1st Place - Trophy + £50 Opie Oils Voucher 2nd Place - Trophy + £35 Opie Oils Voucher 3rd Place - Trophy + £25 Opie Oils Voucher Best Burnout Trophy Fastest Reaction Time Trophy (Must be with your fastest time of the weekend.) If you have any questions about how the OSFDC works or how to enter please don't hesitate to ask Me, KJ 1320, Oddball or Mk2Jo.
  4. Looking great Ken! See you at Round 1
  5. Kieran


    Haha that's brilliant!
  6. Sorry Neil don't get a chance to get on here much but yes 38 is still yours mate as Jo said!
  7. No problem you weren't alone! It just allows people that turn up to have more choice of numbers
  8. You're both already down as you're desired numbers as you raced with us last year you get to keep your chosen numbers
  9. Here are this years race numbers for everyone that competed in 2016, they relate to where you have finished. If you had a chosen number last year and competed you will still be able to use that number or you can use the number where you have placed. OSF 1 - 40 will not be re-allocated if the person decides not to use that number.[/font][/background][/font] Due to people reserving numbers and then never attending a round, we will only be allocating numbers at the first round you compete in for 2017. OSF 1 - Steve Jennerway (OSF 41) OSF 2 - Glenn Jefferson OSF 3 - Lewis Munson (OSF 144) OSF 4 - Jake Wray (OSF 65) OSF 5 - Robert White (OSF 46) OSF 6 - Kieran Jenkins (OSF 79) OSF 7 - Steve Osbourne (OSF 69) OSF 8 - Neil Tallett (OSF 38) OSF 9 - Iain Hogg OSF 10 - Mark Dodson (OSF 66) OSF 11 - Brett Wright OSF 12 - Mark Randall (OSF 474) OSF 13 - Steve Dowling (OSF 50) OSF 14 - Paul Burrows (OSF 42) OSF 15 - Chris Todd (OSF 70) OSF 16 - Baz Payne (OSF 777) OSF 17 - Geoff Relph (OSF 666) OSF 18 - Joss Waller OSF 19 - Garry Mitchell (OSF 44) OSF 20 - Darren Scannell (OSF 344) OSF 21 - Joe Ashton (OSF 74) OSF 22 - Scott Relph (OSF 95) OSF 23 - James Walden OSF 24 - James Wilson (OSF 89) OSF 25 - Nikki Gunner OSF 26 - Barry Lowe (OSF 72) OSF 27 - Paul Margetts OSF 28 - Glen Sexton (OSF 80) OSF 29 - Jordan Peters (OSF 733) OSF 30 - Kevin Wray (OSF 61) OSF 31 - James Fern (OSF 370) OSF 32 - Louis Hullatt OSF 33 - Dan Snook (OSF 67) OSF 34 - Colin Dowling (OSF 49) OSF 35 - Dennis Randall (OSF 77) OSF 36 - Alan (OSF 999) OSF 37 - Jonny Harris OSF 38 - Neil Tallett **CHOSEN NUMBER FOR PAST FEW SEASONS** OSF 39 - Richard Munns (OSF 510) OSF 40 - Karl Reardon Chosen Numbers (These are numbers chosen by competitors not relating to their previous position) - OSF 38 - Neil Tallett OSF 41- Steve Jennerway OSF 42 - Paul Burrows OSF 44 - Garry Mitchell OSF 46 - Robert White OSF 49 - Colin Dowling OSF 50 - Steve Dowling OSF 61 - Kevin Wray OSF 65 - Jake Wray OSF 66 - Mark Dodson OSF 67 - Dan Snook OSF 69 - Steve Osbourne OSF 70 - Chris Todd OSF 72 - Barry Lowe OSF 74 - Joe Ashton OSF 77 - Dennis Randall OSF 79 - Kieran Jenkins OSF 80 - Glen Sexton OSF 89 - James Wilson OSF 95 - Scott Relph OSF 144 - Lewis Munson OSF 344 - Darren Scannell OSF 370 - James Fern OSF 474 - Mark Randall OSF 510 - Richard Munns OSF 733 - Jordan Peters OSF 666 - Geoff Relph OSF 999 - Alan
  10. Hi Ken, It'll be great to have you onboard You can be allocated a race number on the day when you turn up to an event no problem!
  11. With a year consisting of 39 entrants and one of the closest seasons ever (6 different winners over 7 rounds) it was sad it had to come to an end but with BIG things happening next year with the entries of Mk2 Fiestas and Mk3 Escorts being allowed we should be in for a treat for 2017.... anyway here's the top three for 2016! 3rd - Lewis Munson 2nd - Glenn Jefferson 1st - Steve Jennerway
  12. That'll probably be Joe Ashton's beige Mk2 Escort a few years back, I believe his best in that car was around the mid 12s. What's good about the OSFDC is you don't have to have the fastest car to win it's all about consistency!
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