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  1. Sorted arrives Wednesday 😀
  2. Desperate for this now as may not be able to get it to the paint sprayers and will miss me my slot.
  3. I urgently need the entrance to the gearbox tunnel which is part of the bulkhead. The car is due to go to the painters on 01st March so desperate for one anyone cutting up a shell or putting a big tunnel in??????
  4. Hi have you still got the carb and manifold? Also how bad are the cracks in the welds on the stainless manifold?
  5. Whats your budget would you consider something that doesn't need work?
  6. Still looking for wings but need a dashboard as well
  7. Hi I have a set of genuine RS2000 4 spokes will need a refurb though
  8. I'm just about to buy myself a Mk 1 Fiesta project but it doesn't have any front wings does anyone have any ?Not to worried if they are fibreglass although would prefer steel ones
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