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  1. Can anyone. Our Mk2 Ford Escort 1600. Broke down and had to be rescued on our return from Hempstead event

    Problem is car started to back fire. Ran rough for a couple of miles then stopped. Recovery man suggested fuel starvation 

    Our normal repair guy has tried to repair by changing to New fuel pump , new carb and checked for vacuum from to carb. Checked spark at points and plug. Checked the timing 
    Any suggestions as to cause
    Plus can you recommend another classic car garage with Ford experience to assist us to get the car running again

    Thanks in advance Steve and Mark Mark Peter Bradley

    1. Xp197777


      Hello Steve could be some kind of wiring issue broken down but first I would change the coil because they have a funny habit of coming back to life when cold and misbehaving I had this recently and it went on for awhile still had good spark but just wouldn’t run very well change the coil perfect again would be worth trying first ,as for someone in Norfolk area I wouldn’t know but I’m sure someone else will advise and have some more ideas 


  2. And I thought eBay front and rear lights were expensive
  3. They have the cheek to talk about recycling,,but won’t let you get in there
  4. G3 Was hard to find,,but can now be purchased at halfords,,,
  5. I agree.old ones looked sooo much better
  6. They are worth what someone wants pay worth more to you,,then keep them ,I agree
  7. Put them on fleebay , no reserve Then you will see what they’re worth
  8. You only done that to annoy him.Your picking on him, inskool it’s called bullying do you expect him to read all of it,,,?
  9. Had one,,cost a fortune for wire,,now use gas
  10. Not saying your here to con anyone,,but once these things start and the con merchant sees it,Then it starts all you needed was a list with a £ and ono then the pics, or pics then list of prices once the rules are ignored!!!!!!!
  11. Still think this should be deleted pm and making offers is just encouraging this kind of thing for everyone to start doing if you don't know what it's worth Throw it on fleebay, if you can't abide by the rules don't join
  12. Would you be willing to swap,,,I would offer a pair of reading glasses for the lot, then you could read the very first post on the FOR SALE SECTION NOT OFFERS SECTION
  13. Dollys must be sagging down past her waist by now
  14. We don't do CASH OFFERS,, Twix now eaten,,So mars bars only, ps. Be quick
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